The staff of One piece released a new opening video and theme song commemorating the start of a new arc. The new OP comes just a day after Episode 1074 was released, available now on Crunchyroll.

One piece is easily one of the greatest anime of all time. Last week, not only was a new episode released, but the live-action anime adaptation received critical acclaim. The staff of One piece revealed more information about the production of the new OP.

The new opening for the last One piece Bow

SEKAI NO OWARI performed the theme of the new One piece opening. SEKAI NO OWARI is a Japanese pop group originally formed in 2007. The theme is called “The Peak” and aims to present the new arc of One piece. Check out the opening below:

On September 2, the anime team released Episode 1074 of One piece. “I Trust Momo – Luffy’s Last Powerful Technique!” is now available on Crunchyroll. Episode 1074 was the first instance of the new opening theme. In 1074, the people of Wano raise airships into the air as Luffy battles against Kaido once again. Luffy is seemingly empowered by his own tenacity and the wishes of the people.

Meanwhile, Momonosuke is entrusted with the fate of the country as the Onigashima conflict nears its conclusion. The support of Luffy’s friends could be vital in securing his victory against Kaido. Episode 1076 should be the final showdown between Luffy and Kaido, so you won’t want to miss Episodes 1074 and 1075.

Fans can expect Episode 1075 to air on Saturday, September 9. More information on the new episode will be available later in the week. Finally, the whole One piece the series is available now on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned for more in the weeks and months to come on the future of the One piece franchise.

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