“My daughter saved my life”, confided Nathalie Simard to Marie-Claude Barrette in a long podcast interview open your game. The singer returned to several difficult moments in her life, including the denunciation of her attacker and her personal reconstruction.

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___ually assaulted from 11 to 18 years old by her impresario, Guy Cloutier – sentenced to 42 months in prison in 2004 – Nathalie Simard affirms that the trigger for her denunciation has a name: Ève. Her daughter.

“If I hadn’t denounced, I would no longer be here,” admits Nathalie Simard.

“I don’t regret that much. Even if it was a hard and long road, strewn with judgments, because I was judged, ”continues the one who, at a certain point, lost everything.

The artist would have “done it for the money” and to boost his career. They called her a liar, a profiteer. “I’ve heard it all, read it all and experienced it all. It was also heavy and difficult for my little girl,” she explains.

His biggest regret? That her daughter sometimes had to play the role of mother in difficult times. “This should never have happened,” she shouted.

Free with the #metoo movement

Nathalie Simard says she really started to breathe and live again in 2017, with the arrival of the #metoo movement.

“I saw that I was not alone. I am proud to have done it (denounce) for women, for my daughter, for all children. I would have liked so much to be guided and warned, to call on prevention and awareness to tell me: this is not correct, ”says the one who recently appeared on the show. get me out of here.

After her denunciation, however, the moments of trial multiplied for René Simard’s little sister: unhealthy entourage, eating disorders, bulimia, lawsuits, allusions to her trauma in her ___uality, overprotection of her daughter, toxic relationship, difficulty falling pregnant. ..

“I was clumsy, I was a young woman trying to regain control of her life. I lost everything defending myself, trying to save my honor. It was hell. We found ourselves in the street,” she says.

Today, the singer and radio host says she is happy to grow old and to live a beautiful relationship with her daughter and her lover, and proud of her strength and determination.

“I am happy, but I will always be eternally afraid,” adds the artist who admits to fearing that his happiness will one day come to an end.

-The full episode of the podcast open your game with Marie-Claude Barrette and Nathalie Simard is offered online.


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