Our top Battlefield games to do before Battlefield 6


Our top Battlefield games to do before Battlefield 6

While Battlefield 6 will be officially presented on June 9with no doubt a marketing campaign that will start right after, the famous franchise, now in the hands of the former head of Call of Duty, turns 19.

The editorial staff has established a small top 5 (prepared with love by L_sk, Kikitoès and Jivé) of the best games in the saga which includes a fifteen more or less successful opuses and spin-offs (we’re talking about you, Hardline). Five games to redo as a priority before launching an assault on the new title, of which you can see four new images freshly found on the Internet.

#5 – Battlefield 1 (2018 on PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Battlefield 1 is earning a deserved place in the rankings if only to use the First World War as a playground, a conflict so far underrepresented, and to offer several points of view on one of the deadliest conflicts in history. our history. Despite everything, the app is not intended to do pure historical transcription and is very Hollywood. The result is explosive: magnificent, explosive and truly intense. Even if the most refractory will go so far as to criticize its arsenal, which is far too full of automatic weapons, the multiplayer is certainly one of the most immersive of the license.

Our test is here.

#4 – Battlefield 1942 (2002 on PC)

Battlefield 1942 is the first of the series and already at the time, players felt that something was changing in the world of war shooters. Remember, back then the scene was dominated by Medal of Honor, a franchise that was quickly crushed by a new feud between newcomers Call of Duty and BF. The newcomer was different in that it was radically designed for multiplayer, whereas Club Internet was deploying its 512K in homes. It was also a time when players were not yet too drunk with the campaigns of the West and Stalingrad and BF 1942 offered maps with mastered level design, and a new mode that hit the mark, Conquest. Sober but effective, the title that launched a saga also launched a style, between realism and nag, with just the right amount of tactics and the right amount of vehicles to handle.

#3 – Battlefield 3 (2011 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Hard to pass after a widely acclaimed Battlefield Bad Company 2, which followed a less memorable BFBC1 (which did not have the conquest at the start, what indignity!), and yet, it is one of the most appreciated. New physics, beautiful as a truck (even more), the ability to lie down and take suppressive fire, among other things, Battlefield 3 has been able to renew itself and become favorites, except for solo play. But hey, we don’t come for that. We can also get ripped off again on 64 cards in a joyful mess where things go off everywhere. A visual and sonic delight. The maps are not free from flaws and may contain cutthroats like point B (conquest) of Grand Bazaar which lends itself more to Rush, and that of Operation Metro. However, we come back to it with a curse, especially with a bug where a soldier was calm in a ceiling. An experience that only BF can provide.

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#2 – Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Bad Company 2 is clearly one of the most outstanding opuses of the license. On the one hand for his solo and the dreamteam of casual soldiers, despite a script full of cliches bordering on parody; on the other hand for its excellent multiplayer. Top-notch destruction, huge arsenal and striking maps, BC2’s multiplayer is very clearly one of the best in the license, to the point that a large part of the community is eagerly awaiting a third opus. Not to mention the Vietnam DLC, a real gem.

Our test is here.

#1 – Battlefield 2 (2005 on PC)

Released on June 24, 2005, a period when only the alleged Master Race had the right to it, Battlefield 2 really marked its time and the PC therefore. If there can be a debate about its place in the franchise, 1st or 2nd and nothing else, there is none when we think back to the quality of this episode, on foot, in a land vehicle like in the air in the purest mode of the series: the conquest of flags. Strike At Karkand or Wake Island will remain among the best maps, in the top. The teamplay, at the heart of the series, was pushed with a revamped team system and a special command post to establish orders. Today, in Battlefied V, some of them, like the artillery strike, are done by earning points. It’s another delirium.

And you, what is your favorite?

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