This Friday, March 3, 2017 marks the release of Nintendo’s brand new console: the Switch. But it also suggests the arrival of the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the game test of which is available here. Different collectors were announced in mid-January and today we offer you the unboxing of the French limited edition.

It must be admitted, the box is quite imposing at first glance since it measures more than 30 cm. It is practically the size of the console box placed vertically. It is decorated on the different sides, with Link’s back staring at the horizon, thus recalling the open world side of the title. We can notice that our hero is right-handed here whereas the WiiU version of Twilight Princess, based on the GameCube version, corrected the situation by offering us a left-handed Link.

Once the lid is opened, we find ourselves on the upper level a cd presenting a selection of some pieces from the original soundtrack. Just below is the Grail, i.e. the game that we have been waiting for so long.

The bottom layer contains the final content, a white box decorated with the title logo. Two sides feature the Western logo, the other two the one used in Japan. Inside, we are promised “the Legendary Sword of the Renaissance”also known as the Master Sword, Link’s famous sword.

Packaged in polystyrene, it is definitely there. This figurine measures approximately 25 cm. The base is quite heavy. However, the sword and the flower that accompanies it are made of plastic. During the unboxing carried out by Aonuma, he told us that we had to play the game to understand the aspect of this emblematic weapon.

However, this collector’s edition is less extensive than what was offered across the Atlantic (the master edition), or than our Japanese friends who obtained, for example, an amiibo.

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