Panasonic MX700, MX800, MX940 and MX950: LED and Mini-LED TVs for 2023


Panasonic MX700, MX800, MX940 and MX950: LED and Mini-LED TVs for 2023

Alongside the announcements concerning Panasonic OLED TVs, the Japanese brand also announced its new line-up for LCD models featuring an LED backlight system and even a Mini-LED series, all the details of which are given below.

In addition to its OLED models, Panasonic also offers TV series using LCD display technology. These are, for 2023, the MX950, MX940, MX800 and MX700. Another series, MX600, has also been announced, but is not available in France.

The Panasonic MX950 TV series represents the top of the brand’s range in this category. These are models with Mini-LED backlighting technology to limit the effects of blooming and optimize image contrast. We can count on the integration of the HCX Processor Pro AI chip, as on the OLED MZ1500 and MZ2000 series.

The MX950 series supports HLG, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ video formats with an integrated brightness sensor to adapt the image according to the lighting conditions in the room. Filmmaker mode is required as well as compatibility with the Dolby Atmos audio format. Google and Alexa assistants are present, via the My Home Screen version 8.0 system. The latter now offers features dedicated to the visually impaired and hearing impaired.

For gaming, you can count on compatibility with AMD FreeSync Premium technology as well as Game Mode Extreme, as on the MZ2000 and MZ1500 series. Remember that these add to that the support for Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, the gaming audio modes and the True Game image mode which can be calibrated. There are two HDMI 2.1 inputs and two more in version 2.0 which does not support all the optimization technologies for games.

The audio system relies on 2 speakers of 15 watts each with a woofer of 20 watts for a total.

The Panasonic MX950 series is available in 55 and 65 inches. The Panasonic TX-65MX950E model is announced at a price of 2000 euros while it is necessary to count on a price of 1600 euros for the 55-inch TX-55MX950E model.

Panasonic MX940 series with a Full Array LED panel

The Panasonic MX940 series is available in several sizes of 43 and 50 inches. It has the LED backlighting system with diodes installed on the entire surface of the screen (Full Array LED) associated with the Local Dimming processing function to try to produce blacks as deep as possible and to limit the effects of blooming. This series takes advantage of the same HCX Processor Pro AI image processing processor that is also found in the MZ2000, MZ1500 and MX950 series, for example.

The series supports HLG, HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ formats and the Filmmaker mode is included and can exploit the light sensor. On the gaming side, there is the Game Mode Extreme. There are two HDMI 2.1 sockets, one of which is eARC compatible, and two HDMI 2.0 ports.

For the audio part, the televisions are compatible with Dolby Atmos based on the presence of two loudspeakers with a total power of 20 watts. The televisions in this series are powered by My Home Screen 8.0. They are controllable by voice via Alexa or the Google Assistant.

The Panasonic TX-43MX940E television will be offered at the start of the school year for a price of 1000 euros.

43-85 inch Panasonic MX800 series running Amazon Fire TV

More affordable, the Panasonic MX800 series is available in 43, 50, 55, 65 and 85 inches. It has the particularity of working with Amazon’s Fire TV system found on the American giant’s connected devices. This interface allows you to be suggested content according to the programs watched, to download applications and to have total control by voice, via Alexa.

The series is powered by the HCX Processor image processing engine and it supports HLG, HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision modes in Ultra HD, as well as Filmmaker picture mode and Dolby Atmos audio format. It uses an LED backlight system and the sound is provided by two speakers of 20 watts in total.

This television has a Game mode which reduces the display delay time, but the 4 HDMI inputs being in version 2.0, it is not possible to take advantage of the optimizations for games of other models.

The Panasonic TX-43MX800E television will be available for a price of 800 euros. Count on a price of 900 euros for the 50-inch TX-50MX800E, 1000 euros for the 55-inch TX-55MX800E, 1200 euros for the 65-inch TX-65MX800E and 2800 euros for the 85-inch TX-85MX800E.

Panasonic MX700 series with LED backlight and Dolby Vision

Finally, the MX700 series represents the brand’s most affordable models. These are televisions equipped with an LED backlight system and capable of displaying an Ultra HD definition. We can count on compatibility with the HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats for the image and Dolby Atmos for the sound. The Filmmaker picture mode is also present.

The televisions are powered by Google TV with the possibility of voice control, application downloads and content suggestions based on the programs being watched. There are 3 HDMI 2.1 inputs of which one is eARC compatible and two can support VRR and Display Lag Reduction (ALLM) technologies. For the audio part, you have to do with two speakers of 10 watts each.

Note that Panasonic also offers the MX710 series which has exactly the same technical characteristics, but with a silver central foot. The series is available in 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches.

The Panasonic TX-43MX700E television will be offered at 600 euros. Count on a price of 750 euros for the 50-inch TX-50MX700E, 800 euros for the 55-inch TX-55MX700E and 1000 euros for the 65-inch TX-65MX700E.

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