Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA

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Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA

Each year, WAN-IFRA invites top international media executives to its Paris Forum to discuss their approach to the many challenges shared with French-speaking publishers.

The program explores the latest developments in digital revenue, optimizing subscription retention strategies and the impact of the latest developments in artificial intelligence on newsrooms and the digital media value chain. We look forward to welcoming you to Paris on Tuesday, November 28 for two days of discussions with our panel of professionals and international colleagues.

Our program is in ?? English ??

Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 1Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 1

Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 5Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 5

Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 9Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 9Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 9


TO OPTIMISE the lifetime value of your subscribers – Media resources are far from infinite, and faced with content inflation, publishers are focusing on the impact of their offering and optimizing their resources to develop new offerings… Among the key themes of this session, we We will discuss the operational benefits and challenges of bundling. offers, how to combine “discoverability” of content, premium offers and advertising revenue, refine pricing strategies, etc.

Benefit your loyalty strategies with a systematic customer journey – In a tense economic period, avoiding unsubscription and orchestrating the return after unsubscription are priorities which result in a systematic review of the customer journey. This session will explore the orchestration of recommendation and personalization models tailored to varying engagement levels critical to optimizing long-term subscriptions.

ANTICIPATING the impact of AI on your journalism and its value chain – Barely a year after the launch of ChatGPT, the world has realized the vast potential of AI. The unprecedented pace of application launches and model improvements is putting data and AI strategy at the heart of conversations in every newsroom. The next generation of winning businesses and leaders will be those who understand and exploit AI. Start using it NOW. Even if you’re experimenting, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the basic processes and tactics around these new tools. The Forum program will introduce you to numerous concrete advances already implemented by the foreign press.

The 2023 Forum is organized under the patronage of the Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale, in partnership with Le Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisien, and with the support of Marfeel, Piano and Stibo DX. Our audience typically consists of business leaders, journalists, editors, revenue and transformation leaders at news publishers.

Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 9Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 9Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 9


Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 21Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 21


Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 25Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 25


Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 29Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 29

Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 1Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 1Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 1

Paris Forum 2023 (en) – WAN-IFRA - 39

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