Pas-de-Calais placed on orange alert, new floods expected


Pas-de-Calais placed on orange alert, new floods expected

Pas-de-Calais, placed on orange alert, could experience new potentially significant floods, Monday November 27 and Tuesday November 28, due to the rains affecting the department whose soils are still saturated, after the devastating floods of November.

The rainy episode, which began during the night, “will persist all day this Monday”warns Vigicrues in a bulletin published mid-morning. “Moderate to locally significant accumulations are expected, which could lead to a further rise in levels” watercourses.

Two rivers, placed on orange alert, are particularly worrying: the Hem, which reacted quickly to the first rains and for which a peak is expected at the end of the afternoon, and the Canche, whose level could continue to rise until to Tuesday morning.

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“Localized overflows”

This episode slows the decline that began last week, a source of hope for residents affected for weeks by heavy rains and floods.

The other basins in the department are placed on yellow alert, which raises fears, according to Vigicrues, “localized overflows”.

The record floods of recent weeks have caused five minor injuries in the department since November 6 and very significant material damage. They affected nearly 6,000 homes, 160 businesses, 130 businesses and at least 50 farms, according to the latest figures from the prefecture.

The Central Reinsurance Fund (CCR) recently estimated the cost of floods covered by the natural disaster regime in Hauts-de-France at 550 million euros, at least half of which is covered by it.

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Le Monde with AFP

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Pas-de-Calais placed on orange alert, new floods expected - 1

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