Pascal Periz, singer of the group Pow Wow, died at the age of 62


Pascal Periz, singer of the group Pow Wow, died at the age of 62

The leader of this group, who had enjoyed success in the 1990s, ended his life on Sunday.

Pascal Periz, central figure of the group Pow Wow known for his hit Cat in the 1990s, ended his life at the age of 62 on Sunday, we learned Monday from his producer.

“Pascal Periz, singer of the group Pow Wow, left us yesterday (Sunday, in Caen, editor’s note). The singer of ‘Chat’ will have had 7 lives too, he could no longer stand the last one,” we can read in a press release from the group.

Questioned by AFP, the producer of the show Pierre-Nicolas Cléré specified that the artist, depressed for several years and spent in a rest home, had ended his life.

“A brother of song and laughter”

“We will miss his voice, his talent, his humor, we have lost a brother, a brother of singing, a brother of laughter, dreams, hope and sleepless nights”, develops the group’s press release.

It was Pascal Periz the solo singer of the hit Catreleased in 1992. The three other members, Alain Chennevière, Bertrand Pierre and Ahmed Mouici, then provided backing vocals on this track.

Return to the plainstheir first album, released the same year, with another success, The lion is dead tonight, a reprise, was that of consecration. The group then gradually lost notoriety from the 2000s.

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