Grinding Gear Games has announced two new games! What do we already know about this Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile? In other news this N8W8: Mario Kart Tour gets Winter Tour, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dataminer reveals battle royale details and Bend Studio not finished with Days Gone world.

Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile announced at ExileCon

Yes, the game with the most extensive skill tree ever gets a sequel! Grinding Gear Games announced at ExileCon that they are busy developing Path of Exile 2.

An announcement also includes a trailer … and in the case of Path of Exile 2, a gameplay preview! The images below give you an idea of ​​the graphical progress compared to the first Path of Exile. You can also see how selecting a character works. Quite original: you choose a character from a group of people who are about to be hanged. Your choice will survive, the others die.

What else do we already know about the game? Path of Exile 2 will feature a seven-act campaign, a new skill gem system, new ascendancy classes and shapeshifting. The new campaign is available alongside the original Path of Exile campaign. Both storylines lead to the shared Atlas endgame.

All a bit abstract, but it also takes a while before we can get started with Path of Exile … For example, the beta is only planned for the end of 2020. Then we hope that we can enjoy ourselves with Diablo 4 in the meantime. …

Or with the Path of Exile mobile game, also announced at ExileCon! To convince us that this game is head and shoulders above all the garbage in the mobile stores, the trailer below emphasizes that Path of Exile Mobile is being developed in-house. So no external studio has been recruited … Kuch, Blizzard.

Path of Exile Mobile further promises us fair monetization and the opportunity to make our voices heard. This is referred to as an experimental game, in which the direction of development is (partly) determined by the players. The Guardian is now a bit curious!

Mario Kart Tour celebrates the holidays with a Winter Tour

From November 20, Mario Kart Tour will be in a winter atmosphere with a new event: Winter Tour! As the name suggests, expect some thematically correct unlockables as well as the DK Pass track from Mario Kart DS.

What’s that outside? Has it started snowing already? That can only mean one thing … the next tour is the Winter tour! Bust out your snow tires and ready your chains for a flurry of fun starting 11/19 at 10pm PT! # / WuVmKPqhHD

– Mario Kart Tour (@mariokarttourEN) November 15, 2019

In related news: Mario Kart Tour is testing a multiplayer mode in December. To access the beta you need a Gold Pass subscription. It is unknown how long the beta will run and when the multiplayer mode will be officially added to Mario Kart Tour.

Trailer abundance

In this trailer abundance again five trailers of smaller games, which you are not thrown to death with every day. Take a quick look at:

  • This War of Mine: Final Cut – this free update is now available to check
  • Sparklite – now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One
  • Stardust Odyssey – December 3rd on PS4
  • Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist – now on PC and PS4
  • Astroneer – now on PS4, previously on PC and Xbox One

Comic moment

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dataminer reveals battle royale details

Do you want to go through life spoiler-free? In that case you would do well to skip to the next news item. Are you secretly curious about what the future holds for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Especially for you, the Guardian has uncovered some new details about that possible battle royale mode.

Dataminers have been digging again! On the Modern Warfare subreddit you can therefore check what the huge map for the battle royale mode might look like. The work of the dataminers further reveals a complete list of zones, points of interests and perks. If this information is correct, the battle royale mode is played with 200 players by default. They battle it out against each other in various modes, namely: solo, duo and teams of four people.

One of the more interesting data discoveries has to do with the respawn mechanic. To let a teammate respawn, you must have a Respawn Token. Next you have to drag his / her body to an ambulance. This places this person in the Gulag queue. At some point in the match, this Gulag closes, making respawning impossible.

Until then, 1v1 battles take place in this Gulag (a prison camp). If you win this fight, you can rejoin the big match. The data also shows that a major outbreak occurs once in a while. That means that all players from the Gulag will return to the match.

As long as you are in the Gulag queue, you can watch other fights and possibly also bet on the winner through Plunder. You earn Plunder by completing missions and defeating enemies. You can also spend your Plunder on items and XP.

So far this data breach! Whether the above is all true, of course, remains to be seen … In fact, it is not at all clear whether Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will really get a battle royale mode. If the rumors are correct, however, we’ll hear more about it soon. The mode, which is said to be developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, should already be released in early 2020. Undoubtedly to be continued!

Bend Studio is far from done with Days Gone world

Okay, the headline of this news is a bit cryptic … That’s because Chris Reese from Bend Studio didn’t want to reveal much in this interview with GamesRadar. Still, this Reese’s statements are quite interesting! He says that the studio wants to do more with the world they created in Days Gone.

Reese is asked in the interview about the possibility of further expanding the Days Gone universe. He then replies that Bend Studio has always wanted to do that. In particular, Reese explains that it is a world they want to “breathe more life into” and that they want to further explore the many, many different avenues in which that is possible. Whether he is referring to an expansion, a sequel or another game in the same setting is unfortunately unclear …

Interestingly, it became clear last month through an employee’s LinkedIn profile that Bend Studio is pre-production on a next project. Combine that fact with these statements and it’s not at all surprising to assume that Days Gone 2 is in the works …

Memes and things

Today in memes and things seven terrible weapons and a behind-the-scenes look at the ESRB.

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