In a surprise announcement, Nintendo and Niantic have officially released Pikmin Search. The game is now available on browsers of all mobile devices and tablets that support cameras.

Pikmin Search is a new augmented reality game from the developers of Pokemon Go And Pikmin Flower. It’s been a fantastic year to be a pikmine fan, as barely a month ago, Pikmin 4 was eventually released. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch. More information on Pikmin Search is available below.

Pikmin Search Available now

Pikmin Search tasks you with finding and taking pictures of Pikmin around your house. Certain types of Pikmin can be found depending on the time of day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Blue Pikmin or a Red Pikmin; fans of the franchise will find plenty of fanservice to enjoy in this free-to-play adventure. Once you find a Pikmin, you can follow it to collect some treasures scattered around the environment. These work the same way as treasures in the rest of the world. pikmine franchise, ranging from rubber duckies to old batteries.

Nintendo and Niantic released the game to coincide with PAX West, which is being held this weekend. They designed it so attendees can use the app during the event. So those wandering around the center looking for the next stand can have fun looking for Pikmin. The game is now available on mobile devices equipped with a camera on the website available here.

In just under a week, Pikmin 4 reached 400,000 sales in Japan. As a result, the new release is by far the most successful in the series. If you expect to get more pikmine fix after playing the fourth installment of the franchise, be sure to check Pikmin Search. The game is now available on iOS, Android, and other mobile devices and tablets that support a camera. Whichever browser you choose to play it on, you can still enjoy the magic of catching Pikmin from the comfort of your own home.

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