PlayStation 4 Pro CUH-7200 review

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PlayStation 4 Pro CUH-7200 review

Two years after the initial launch, Sony has once again tweaked the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware, revisiting the console with a new design that once again improves on the Japanese company’s perennial machine noise problem. This time the work has paid off, because it is the quietest and most discreet PlayStation 4 Pro to date, completely eliminating that airplane turbine effect that was associated with the launch model.

This is not the first time that Sony has improved the Pro, of course. Last year the manufacturer launched the CUH-7100 model (with the 500 million special edition, for example), in which the GDDR5 memory cooling system was altered and the fan profile was retouched to make it less intrusive . The system had a similar consumption, however, with which the end result was a console that warmed up more but that, at least, significantly improved its acoustic performance.

The new model CUH-7200 has started to hit stores, and in England it seems that at the moment it is only available as part of the bundle with Red Dead Redemption 2, although we hope that it can be obtained in more ways as the market approaches. Christmas shopping period. It is easy to know if the console you are buying is the new or old model, because its reference is highlighted on the front of the box, and in the case of the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle the exact model you have to look for is the CUH -7216B.

The pack with Red Dead does not have many differences from the previous one: it includes the standard console box, covered with a cardboard with the Rockstar game design, and a physical copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 (which, taking into account the great size of the download, sure many users will appreciate). Otherwise there is nothing special and it is similar to the CUH-7100 consoles. The design of the console itself is basically the same as that of the launch model, although with one exception.

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Previous versions of PlayStation 4 Pro used a standard ‘kettle’ type cable, the same one used in PlayStation 3. However, on the CUH-7200, which appears to include a new power supply, the cable used is the ‘figure’ type. -eight ‘that we can find in the PlayStation 4 Slim, the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X. There are also small changes on the back of the console, although the selection of ports and their arrangement is the same. The change in power supply suggests Sony’s pursuit of greater efficiency, although the fact that its size is the same suggests that it is an iterative review and not a substantial review.

This means that the main processor – the core of the machine and the component that generates the most heat – remains the same, limiting the scope of changes. We still find a 16nm FinFET chip inside, and the power consumption seems to be the same as previous models. However, the CUH-7100 model showed that there is much room for improvement in terms of loudness – our main complaint with the launch PS4 Pro – and the new model CUH-7200 provides even better results.

God of War is the game we used for our tests, due to its tendency to speed up console fans considerably. When playing the first sections of the game, the peaks in electricity consumption coincide with the close-ups of the main characters, which is accompanied by the acceleration of the fans. Our methodology is simple: we pause the game in the foreground, activate photo mode to ensure consistency in loading, and then we test the scene on all machines.

In all the Pros we have a voltage meter connected, and the consumption is basically the same, oscillating around 170W. Interestingly, the launch model shows peaks of 177W when we have been testing for fifteen minutes. The CUH-7100 and the new CUH-7200 are pretty solid, although the former drops two or three watts from the new console. This may be due to small variations in the silicon (each console is subtly different) or the new power supply has different characteristics than the old one.

The CUH-7200 model is basically identical to the rest of the PS4 Pro models, with the exception of the use of a ‘figure-eight’ power cable and some slight change in the back.

When it comes to temperatures, the launch model is still the coolest. By making measurements with a thermal camera in the hottest part of the case, the CUH-7000 reduces the temperature of the CUH-7100 by five degrees Celsius, while the new CUH-7200 is as hot as its predecessor. Whether it’s abnormalities in thermal measurements or a change in how heat is expelled from the rear, the truth is that the rear of the CUH-7200 appears to be hotter than any other model. Our advice in this regard does not change: as with any current generation console (or the previous one, really), make sure there is plenty of space around the machine and do not put it in an enclosed space or inside a piece of furniture .

It is the acoustic section that is most interesting in the new PlayStation 4 Pro. Thanks to the God of War photo mode we managed to stabilize our console at a solid 170W consumption for a whole day, and the fan noise never became problematic. The new console is clearly quieter than the CUH-7100, and the improvement over the launch model is overnight. Those sudden changes in fan speed, which seemed almost a reactor, and the elimination of annoying noise from the CUH-7000’s cooling system are gone. In your living room, during a normal gaming session, all you notice is a constant slight hum.

Examining the numbers it is clear that Sony has managed to improve the acoustic performance of the PlayStation 4 Pro considerably, reducing another two or three decibels compared to the good results obtained with the CUH-7100 model. Based on our tests with the three models of the console we can say that the CUH-7100 continues to maintain the type, improving many of the defects of the fan of the original model, while the CUH-7200 reduces the total noise even more. It’s still not at the level of the Xbox One X in terms of fan noise – or lack of it – but I would venture to say that now PS4 Pro is much more discreet as a console in the living room.

The CUH-7100 is quieter than the launch model, but heats up about five degrees Celsius warmer, the same as the new CUH-7200.

Trials with God of War CUH-7000 (launch) CUH-7100 (revision 1) CUH-7200 (revision 2)
Noise (Up / Back) 50dB / 55dB 47dB / 50dB 44dB / 48dB
Maximum temperature (Up / Back) 48c / 60c 53c / 62c 52c / 66c
Maximum energy consumption 170W (peaks up to 177W) 167W 170W

We wrote this article because a friend was so frustrated with the noise his launch-bought console was making that he decided to buy a new machine, and the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle was an excellent opportunity to buy the console and the game. I was very struck by your comments about how quiet that console was, and the change in the power cord suggested that we could be facing a significant revision of the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware. After testing the console it has turned out that the improvements are not so substantial as I imagined, but both the CUH-7100 and especially the new CUH-7200 solve the biggest problem that Sony’s machine had: the enormous amount of noise that its fan can generate, especially when you play some of its more recent titles. demanding and impressive.

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It’s also a good time to look back on the achievements of PlayStation 4 Pro over the past two years. Ultra HD TVs are now the standard, use of 1080p displays is on the decline, and HDR is producing sensational results. In terms of first-party games, PlayStation 4 Pro has been a great companion to this new wave of televisions.

Although it has lagged a bit behind with some third-party or multiplatform games, especially when compared to Xbox One X, the achievement of PlayStation 4 Pro is to offer more than decent 4K presentations, sometimes spectacular, with hardware that does not cost nor € 400. The existence of PlayStation 4 Pro has helped increase the adoption rate of new TVs, and the continued development of reconstruction rendering techniques has allowed relatively modest hardware to offer great results with the new generation of panels, technologies that will also continue advancing the next generation of consoles. PlayStation 5 is still a long way off, but right now the CUH-7200 is simply the best version of PlayStation 4 Pro hardware you can buy in stores.

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