Pokemon GO: everything you need to know about Generation 7


Pokemon GO: everything you need to know about Generation 7

Pokemon GO continues to be popular among players many years later as people around the world try to catch them all! The inclusion of seventh generation monsters brings fans to the tropical paradise of Alola with some familiar faces along the way.

In the original games, the seventh generation coincided with the release of Sun and Moon as well as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, both of which concluded the franchise’s run on 3DS. But, Pokemon GO is another one absolutely stupid.

If you’re looking for more information on the hit mobile game’s new content, including added monsters and other useful information, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of all the information you’ll need to become the best… like person has ever been.

Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Gen 7

List of Generation 7 Pokémon

With each new generation, what could be most exciting is the variety of monsters that could join your team. Here is the list of new Pokemon added to the game in Gen 7.

  • No. 722: Rowlet
  • No. 723: Dartrix
    • Type: Grass/Flight
    • Evolves from: Rowlet (using 25 candies)
  • No. 724: decided
    • Type: Grass/Ghost
    • Evolves from: Dartrix (using 100 candies)
  • No. 725: Litten
  • No. 726: Torracat
    • Type: Fire
    • Evolves from: Litten (using 25 candies)
  • No. 727: incendiary roar
    • Type: Fire/Dark
    • Evolves from: Torracat (using 100 candies)
  • No. 728: popplio
  • No. 729: Brionne
    • Type: Water
    • Evolves from: Popplio (using 25 candies)
  • No. 730: Primarina
    • Type: Water/Fairy
    • Evolves from: Brionne (using 100 candy)
  • No. 731: Pikipek
  • No. 732: trumpet
    • Type: normal/flying
    • Evolves from: Pikipek (using 25 candies)
  • No. 733: Toucannon
    • Type: normal/flying
    • Evolves from: Trumbeak (using 100 candies)
  • No. 734: Yungoos
  • No. 735: Gumshoos
    • Type: Normal
    • Evolves from: Yungoos (using 50 candies during the day)
  • No. 741: Oricorio
    • Type: Changes according to style
      • Baile — Fire/Flight
      • Pa’u — psychic/flying
      • Pom-Pom — electric/flying
      • Sensu — Ghost/Flight
  • No. 744: rockruff
  • No. 745: Lycanroc
    • Type: Rock
    • Evolves from: Rockruff (using 50 candies)
      • During the day — Lunch menu
      • During the night — Form of midnight
      • Currently unreleased Twilight Form
  • No. 753: Fomantis
  • No. 754: Lurantis
    • Type: Grass
    • Evolves from: Fomantis (using 50 candies during the day)
  • No. 757: Salandit
  • No. 758: Saluzzle
    • Type: Poison/Fire
    • Evolves from: Salandit (using 50 candies)
      • ONLY female Salandites evolve into Salazzle
  • No. 759: Thing
  • No. 760: Do you wear
    • Type: Normal/Fighting
    • Evolves from: Stufful (using 400 candies)
  • No. 764: comfortable
  • No. 765: Oranguru
  • No. 782: Jangmo-o
  • No. 783: Hakamo-o
    • Type: Dragon/Fight
    • Evolves from: Jangmo-o (using 25 candies)
  • No. 784: Kommo-o
    • Type: Dragon/Fight
    • Evolves from: Hakamo-o (using 100 candies)
  • No. 785: sacred corner
  • No. 786: Tapu Lele
  • No. 787: Tapu Bulu

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