Pokémon Purple and Scarlet reveal new and unique Pokémon


Pokémon Purple and Scarlet reveal new and unique Pokémon

We’re now just weeks away from the release of Pokémon Purple and Scarlet, both planned next November 18and it’s time for communication.

With Purple and Scarlet, Pokémon will enter its ninth generation of little monsters, and if the complete pokédex is not yet known, it looks already loaded. Several pokemon from older generations will of course be back, but we will also have the right to exclusive creatures and a good number of new forms. In a recent trailer touring the new region of Paldea, Nintendo also presented us with some new, still unknown captureable monsters, which have finally revealed their names.

Three new pokemon for the road

The first, Craparoi, is a gigantic rock-type crab capable of surprising his adversaries by camouflage himself against the walls. We don’t know yet if it’s a pokemon based on an evolution, but it’s impressive.

The second Carmadura, is a Fire/Psychic type creature able to fire powerful blasts by linking the two wrists. He would also draw all his power from his heavy armor.

Finally, the last pokemon presented, Malvalame, is a Fire/Ghost type. The latter seems to be linked to Carmadura, although we do not yet know how or why. In addition, he uses two imposing blades to attack and defend himself. Other little monsters will certainly be unveiled in the coming weeks, so we’ll keep an eye out.

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