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Helsinki closed border crossings with Russia in response to an increase in arrivals of asylum seekers. Moscow warned Finland.

The Polish president promised, Monday, November 20, to “support politically» Finland, while Helsinki, closed border crossings with Russia in response to an increase in arrivals of asylum seekers. Last week, Finland closed four of eight border crossings, accusing Moscow of wanting to destabilize the country, which joined NATO in April, by letting undocumented migrants cross its common border. According to Andrzej Duda, it is “of a hybrid attack» comparable to that experienced by Poland on its border with Belarus.

Since 2021, Warsaw has accused Russia and Belarus of being behind the increase in the number of migrants trying to reach the European Union via its border. “ Unfortunately, we have more than two years of experience defending our border against migratory pressure.», declared the Polish president to the press during his meeting with the Finnish head of state Sauli Niinisto, in Warsaw. “ Finland can count, on the one hand, on the absolute political support of Poland and, on the other hand, on the sharing of experiences.» promised Andrzej Duda.

“We did not accept such accusations”

Sauli Niinisto recalled that the situation Finland found itself in was very similar to the challenges Poland faced. “ It appears that some of the migrants who failed to enter Europe via Poland continued towards the north and the Finnish border, ” he added. The two countries agreed to discuss the situation on their eastern borders at upcoming EU summits. “ In the long term, it is impossible for countries to be able to face these problems alone (…) which can quickly recur in a neighboring country.“, estimated Sauli Niinisto.

Russia on Monday denied exploiting migrants at the Finnish border and warned Finland against possible closure of the four remaining border crossings. “ Such a decision would clearly harm Finland’s national interests»Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told Russian agencies. “ We do not accept such accusations“, declared Monday to the press the spokesperson of the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, assuring that “Russian border guards fully comply with all their service instructions“. For its part, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations announced on Monday that it had closed a temporary warming point installed for migrants in Karelia (northwest), near a border post still open with Finland.


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