Private clinics and nursing homes are demanding enough to increase the number of their caregivers

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Private clinics and nursing homes are demanding enough to increase the number of their caregivers

Published on December 11, 2023 at 6:54 p.m.Updated December 11, 2023 at 7:01 p.m.

The federations of private clinics and nursing homes are passing the buck to the government. Invited by the executive to review the salary scales in their sector to improve the lot of the lowest-income workers, they respond that they have already done this work but that they are now waiting for public funding to make it a reality.

So that “work pays better” at a time when inflation is eating away at the purchasing power of the French, the government called to order at the end of November the sectors which have a minimum wage lower than the minimum wage. Among these, the private hospitalization branch, bringing together private clinics and nursing homes as well as thermal establishments (more than 250,000 employees).

“Considerable” progress

“We have difficulty understanding this reminder of salary negotiations,” however, explain the Federation of Private Hospitalization, the union of private nursing homes, Synerpa and the National Council of Thermal Operators in a letter to the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, which “Les Echos” was able to consult.

Supported by the CFDT and Unsa, the federations recall that they already agreed last spring to review salary scales and improve the fate reserved for nurses and caregivers. “A considerable step forward,” believes Jean-Christophe Amarantinis, the president of Synerpa.

Under the terms of this amendment signed with the unions, the first level of remuneration in private hospitalsis supposed to be 12% higher than that of the SMIC.

“Essential” financial support

For the federations, however, this overhaul, proposed after eighteen months of negotiations, cannot be applied from 2024 without financial support from the State of 700 million euros. This is considered “essential” knowing that these establishments are largely financed by Social Security, particularly private hospitals.

A new budget expansion to finance these upgrades, however, is far from assured. The Social Security budget for 2024, now voted by Parliament, does not provide for this. According to our information, the priority within the government is rather to respond to another request from hospitals and nursing homes (public and private). That of “compensating” for the effects of inflation on their finances.

Recruitment problem

Still, the challenge for private establishments is to remain attractive at a time when they are already facing recruitment difficulties. “We are not going to catch up with the level of public remuneration, but this will allow us to move forward towards the recognition of employees,” explains Lamine Gharbi, president of the Federation of Private Hospitalization.

“A nurse who works night shifts in private hospitals is paid 16% less per month on net than in the public sector. With the amendment, the gap (could) be reduced to 8%,” he assures.

Private clinics and nursing homes are demanding enough to increase the number of their caregivers - 1

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