Another setback in the Ubisoft’s catastrophic week. After announcing figures at half mast for the season which is ending, and revealing a very complicated financial statement with 500 million losses against 400 million expected profits, Ubisoft had already announced the postponement of Skull & Bones and the cancellation of several unannounced games. If the news is reassuring potential on the Arlesian Beyond Good & Evil 2, for the rest it seems very compromised.

For example, a new cancellation confirmed by Ubisoft: that of Project Q, a multiplayer arena fighting game that stops before it even starts. The cancellation had been unveiled by Tom Henderson and was then confirmed by the French studio in crisis. ” Ubisoft will now focus on priority projects, to which our teams are reassigned“, explains the spokesperson.

Project Q was possibly one of these 3 unannounced and canceled secret titlesor not, we don’t really know but Ubisoft won’t bother to give more details, since in the immediate future, it’s a question of stopping the fire and preparing for union strike call against working conditions and management, for January 27th.

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