PS5: Disc stuck in drive – How to remove it safely


PS5: Disc stuck in drive – How to remove it safely

This hidden feature for the PlayStation 5 can be very useful if a disc gets stuck in the drive. Here’s how to find it and how to manually remove a disc from your drive.


If you have the classic PS5 Disc Edition, it may happen that a disc gets stuck in the drive. Although this will probably rarely be the case, here is a guide on how to safely remove the disc from the drive using a hidden feature that almost no one knows about.


We refer to the Original PlayStation 5 herenot the PlayStation 5 Slim!

PlayStation 5: Disc is stuck in PS5 drive – How to remove it safely

If your PS5 won’t eject a disc, the problem likely lies with the drive itself. To manually remove the disk from your system, Sony has given the PlayStation 5 a hidden feature.

Here’s how to manually remove a disc from your drive:

  1. Turn off your PS5 completely and remove all cables
  2. Remove the stand and lay the console flat with the disc drive facing up (the PlayStation symbol should be on the other side).
  3. Gently lift the bottom right corner and at the same time slide the cover to your left.
  4. Peel the black sticker from your disk
  5. Put a screwdriver into the hole and turn it clockwise
  6. Your disc should come out as you screw
  7. Remove the disk

A YouTuber uploaded a video about this a while ago, which should make it easier for you to follow all the steps:

Please always use caution when using your PS5 system. We decline all responsibility in the event of breakage. Hopefully you were able to remove the disc from your system without further complications and are now ready to play. your favorite PS5 games!

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