Puma teams up with Pokémon and unveils 5 pairs of red, blue, yellow and green sneakers that honor the first generation from 1996


Puma teams up with Pokémon and unveils 5 pairs of red, blue, yellow and green sneakers that honor the first generation from 1996

Puma is also cracking! Pokémon have been living among us, or rather with us, for 26 years now. Virtual and transformed versions of the animals that surround us, these Japanese creatures have invaded pop culture to the point of becoming inseparable from it. For several years now, The Pokémon Company has intensified collaborations such as that with Balmain, Samsung, Clarks or with the artist Daniel Arsham in order to create a real brand image for these some 905 specimens. Today, it’s Puma’s turn to have its partnership with Pokémon around 5 pairs of shoes in colorful shades.

What’s better than surfing on nostalgia at the end of the year? Puma, in the episode of its collaboration with The Pokémon Company, decided to highlight the very first generation of Pokémon revealed for the first time in 1996. The worthy representatives of this collaboration could only be Squirtle, Bulbasaur , Charmander and of course Pikachu. The pairs are therefore inspired by the colors of these four creatures which are blue, green, orange-red and yellow respectively.

Bulbasaur therefore gets a Rider FV while Charmander takes a Slipstream Lo and Squirtle invests in a Suede. Pikachu, the most famous Pokémon, allows itself the luxury of transmitting its colors to two pairs, a Rider FV and an RS-X. Beyond the colorful designs, the pairs carry a badge bearing the image of the creatures associated with them. These faces are also found on the tongue of the sneakers. Finally, the silhouette of the Pokémon blends into the insole and the type symbol takes place at the back of the shoes at the heel.

The collaboration between Puma and Pokémon will be available on November 12, 2022 on the Puma.com website. Prices have not been communicated.

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