For the past few days, the French video game world has been affected by a scandal highlighting the working conditions on the side of Quantic Dream. While many magazines like Le Monde or Canard PC denounce cases of ___ism and racism within the studio, we discover today that some employees do not agree with the lawsuit made to their employer.

Pierre Tauvelthe motion capture operator at Quantic Dreamaffirm that “the atmosphere is great, nothing toxic, the employees are all different and don’t care about anything”.

No reason to do it it’s a tissue of lies :/

— Erkore (@TauvelPierre) January 14, 2018

Well in this case the atmosphere is great, nothing toxic, the employees are all different and ready to laugh at everything.

— Erkore (@TauvelPierre) January 14, 2018

Aurelien Loizeaulead programmer at Quantic Dreamsaid :

My only reaction because it doesn’t deserve more: A lot of bullshit. Is everything perfect? Not. But for example, speaking about toxicity or high turnover and at the same time that the employees are in the place for 7y in average is quite ironic (for a 20y old studio) ???????

— Aurelien Loizeau (@m00tm00t) January 14, 2018

My only reaction, because it doesn’t deserve more: a lot of lies. Is everything perfect? No. But for example, talking about toxicity or high turnover when employees have been around for 7 years on average is quite ironic (for a studio that has been around for 20 years).

One thing is certain, we will not finish hearing about this affair in the days to come and we let you choose your camp in this file.

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