It was time for RazerCon 2023 earlier today. For the occasion, the expert company in peripherals gaming had several announcements to make. Between reiterating their green strategy, software updates, some major partnerships, a new ecosystem of accessories, an enhanced range and a whole new collection of chairs, Razer had something for everyone. We were able to speak with the team a few days before the event and we offer you a complete summary.

Razer reviews its software

If you’re familiar with Razer’s software suite, you’re probably already familiar with the Razer Axon app. This offers us a selection of very high quality backgrounds for our computer to give style to our battlestation. Additionally, these sync with Razer Chroma RGB lighting effects to make everything even more dynamic.

With the new proposed update, it will be possible to use a new function called Axon Create. In three easy steps, we can create our own Chroma compatible wallpaper. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the first step is to type a sentence which will generate an image. It is also said that she will understand the players’ language and references. We can then generate Chroma effects automatically since the software will detect the color palette. Then just apply the wallpaper. You can even make a playlist to have a rotation.

The Razer Synapse software has also been completely reworked to offer better performance by making better use of your processor. We are therefore talking about increased stability, more efficient and faster. Creating macros is now 66% faster, installing firmware is 84% ​​faster and customizing settings is an improvement of 76%. To that, Razer engineers added a refined interface that is easier to navigate.

Finally, RazerCon 2023 lifted the veil on their new Razer Chroma application. It’s an all-in-one app that allows you to personalize all of our Chroma-enabled devices. We can say that it is a bit like a control center that makes our lives easier. The effects are completely customizable and the functions are very advanced.

A partnership with Lamborghini

Razer is very happy with the Razer Blade 14, 16 and 18 versions that were released this year. Among the improvements, we highlight the 16:10 format screens, which is ideal for gaming. However, thanks to a new partnership with Lamborghini, a limited edition of 150 copies of the Razer Blade 16 will see the light of day. This will be equipped with an NVIDIA RTX 4090, an Intel i9-13950HX processor, 32 GB of RAM and so on.

This will highlight the organ color which is signature of the luxury vehicle company in addition to its Y-shaped chassis. Obviously, the Lamborghini logo will be clearly visible and even the interior of the laptop will be colored orange. . In addition to being super efficient, it will also be the first model capable of displaying 2 different resolutions simultaneously. In short, it’s a powerful, very unique machine that will only be available in the United States.

D&G comes to RazerCon

Another partnership that I had not anticipated also came to the event. After Lambo, it was Dolce & Gabbana’s turn to decorate different Razer accessories. Starting with the Razer Barracuda D&G Edition headset which will be released in the fall. Razer will only produce 1337 copies which will be available worldwide. This will benefit from a 24K gold plated finish and is covered with the D&G logo in the same color.

Razer will also offer 2 Enki Pro and Enki Pro Chroma chairs. The first will be in gold and black colors with several D&G logos clearly visible on the seat. The Chroma version will drop the gold D&G in favor of the RGB Chroma colors to which we are well accustomed. In short, you risk having a very unique look in your office with one of these accessories.

A whole new range of chairs

One of the most important announcements of this RazerCon in my opinion is the new range of Fujin chairs. Razer already had a range for lumbar support with the Iskur and another for complete comfort with the Enki. This time, the Fujin are made with ergonomics and better air circulation thanks to the mesh. This material made of thermoplastic elastomer polyester is both lightweight and durable. This is also what allows the chair to adapt and adjust quickly to our movements.

The Fujin Pro model will benefit from a high-quality, ultra-resistant aluminum frame. The headrest also offers a 3D contour with support that adjusts to multiple angles. The chair will support a weight of up to 300 lbs and the armrests will be fully adjustable. For its part, the standard version will instead be equipped with nylon tulles and will not have a headrest.

Razer launches a new ecosystem

If you have an avid gamer in your family or are one yourself, RGB lights are probably part of your decor. It’s always the icing on the sundae that adds the finishing touch to everything battlestation who respects himself. Razer therefore took advantage of RazerCon to present a new ecosystem that goes in this direction.

The collection is called Aether and adds a lot of color to your environment. First, there’s the $129.99 light strip which is completely flexible and stretches up to 2 meters. It is also possible to extend it up to 10 with one meter extensions. They can be placed almost anywhere including in a vehicle with the right adapter.

There will also be Aether bulbs in E26 and E27 standards to showcase your Chroma colors. For my part, I am particularly a fan of lamps whose basic model will offer a single color while the pro model will be multi-zone. All of these accessories can be controlled directly through the Razer application on a smartphone. They will be available during the last quarter of the year.

Make way for the Huntsman V3 Pro

To conclude RazerCon, it was the Huntsman collection’s turn to receive its V3 Pro update. This is mainly designed for players looking for the best performance, so we are targeting professional players. Razer therefore took the opportunity to insert its 2nd generation of analog keys for the very first time. These new keys are equipped with a rapid trigger mode to reduce the delay as much as possible.

Players will also be able to customize their sensitivities ranging from a pressure of 0.1mm depth up to 4mm. So it’s very flexible. They are also more precise and very durable, which is perfect for gamers. These keys have a lifespan that exceeds 100 million presses. All of these functions are instantly customizable, allowing players to adjust at any time.

Finally, it is possible to make several completely customizable profiles and there are a few keys that we can configure as we wish. There are three versions that will meet different needs: the Huntsman V3 Pro, the V3 Pro Tenkeyless and the V3 Pro Mini.

This concludes our RazerCon 2023 recap. Are you planning to pick up any of these devices?

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