Report: Your gifts for children hospitalized in Bar le Duc

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Report: Your gifts for children hospitalized in Bar le Duc

Video games are too often, and too easily, associated with violence in mainstream media. Today here is proof that it can be quite the opposite, through extraordinary generosity. You, who participated in our call for donations, offered happiness to hospitalized children… here is the genesis of a great adventure…

At the end of July, we received this email from Michael Wittelbiomedical technician at Bar le Duc hospital:

I am writing to you for a specific request.
I work in a hospital and I plan to build a multimedia cart for children in Pediatrics.
The hospital has invested in a TV and all I have to do now is find a PS3 and some games.
I don’t think you can satisfy such a request, but on the other hand, could you help me decorate this cart?
If you have stickers or other goodies that could brighten up this cart, that would be great.
Do not hesitate to also send us a sticker of your brand so that it appears on the list of participants in the project.

In return, we offered to organize a call for donations to try to obtain a PlayStation 3. Mr. Wittel was immediately excited: “your proposal is really great”and after a few weeks spent obtaining the necessary agreements from the hospital management, we launched our appeal for donations.

Modestly, we gave ourselves a month to try to reach at least one level, and thus obtain a “basic” PS3… In less than 36 hours, we had exceeded all levelsso much so that we had to define new ones… which we also achieved in just a few days!

So it was an incredible success that still leaves us speechless today, not to mention all the games and accessories you sent us directly…

We went to the Bar le Duc hospital last weekin order to return all the gifts that we were able to purchase thanks to your donations, and all those that we had received directly.

We did not go there alone, since the famous Kayane wanted to come with us!

You can discover this magical day through our report below, which will allow you to see that your gifts have indeed reached the hospital, but also discover the interview with Michael Wittel, Nina Lemetayer (nurse), Nathalie Velty (service manager), and of course Kayane.

The report

Some pictures

We thank Michael, Nina, Nathalie, and the entire team at Bar le Duc hospital for their welcome and kindness. And of course, congratulations to all those who contributed to this wonderful adventure:

  • Ahcene B.
  • Amaury G.
  • Arnaud T.
  • Aurelio M.
  • Bruno B.
  • Christopher D.
  • Christophe R.
  • Clement M.
  • Cyrielle T. (Cycabs)
  • Cyrille E.
  • Dkd One
  • Emilie B.
  • Emilie G. (Sony)
  • Eric B.
  • Fabien C.
  • Florent M. (Floxy)
  • Frederic B.
  • Gaël M.
  • Isabelle K. (Zab2One)
  • Jean-Michel G.
  • Jean-Philippe H.
  • Jérémy M.
  • Jérémy M.
  • Kevin B.
  • Laurent C.
  • Léa T.
  • Lionel L.
  • Lucien M.
  • Marc T.
  • Margaux P. (GamesFed)
  • Matthew H.
  • Matthew M.
  • Maxim A.
  • Maxime R.
  • Michael H.
  • Mikael B.
  • Mr. Soopooff
  • Nicholas D.
  • Nicolas L. (Playmogames)
  • Olivier G.
  • Patrick G.
  • Philo Beddoe
  • Rainbow Twix
  • Roch L. (Spike)
  • Sébastien J. (Alcide)
  • Tanguy L.
  • Walter L.
  • Xavier L.
  • Xavier M.

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