The link between Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? None, apart from the fact that both belong to the Capcom house, and somewhere, the two series offer to face very different monsters. And yet, the Japanese company announces the arrival of Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the extension for the month of November.

In the program ? Some Mr X but above all big weapons for our two heroes, who will raise their longsword or their Bowgun to send the beasts of Monster Hunter back to their lair.

A crossover what the , what the trailer :

Next month will also sign the arrival of the Black Eaglea large blade imagined during a competition organized by Capcom, which won the favor of the publisher/developer.

Finally if you think you are one of the most powerful hunters, why not test your skill during a Paris Games Week 2019 tournament, with prizes up for grabs including big prizes like a trip to Japan. It’s happening here for registrations, which are of course limited.

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