Review and opinion on Dracula VS Van Helsing: blood for blood


Review and opinion on Dracula VS Van Helsing: blood for blood

A trick game for 2 players? It’s possible ? However, these are the sensations that this Dracula VS Van Helsing gave me! It had us hyped since its release in November! But what is it really worth? Choose your character and join me in this duel for 2 players !

Discard your card

Not quite a trick game

So I’m talking about folds but these are good for the gaming sensations. You will find a trump suit and numbered cards but it is more of a discard game. Like a Love Letter, you will draw a card on your turn and discard one to trigger its effect.

A discard game

Either you directly discard the drawn card or you discard one of the cards from your rack. You will therefore always have an effect in your turn. There control of effects cards will be crucial to winning in this game, even more than the card you will draw; because yes there will necessarily be chance of drawing.

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Bite your neighbor

Easel gameplay

Every card in your deck will have a position on the easel which it will retain (unless otherwise). This position will be linked to a district. So at the end of the round we will reveal the cards from the 2 racks and there will therefore be 5 card duels (for 5 districts). The trump card will always win and otherwise it will be the highest value which will decide.

The Life of Van Helsing, the Death of Dracula

For every duel won, Dracula will transform one of the 4 villagers into a vampire. Van Helsing will make Dracula lose one of his life points. Victory will be for the vampire if he transforms all the villagers in a neighborhood into vampires (he therefore has an error round since the game lasts 5 rounds). The hunter must kill Dracula by removing 12 life points (2 to 3 hp per round).

THE timing

A crucial end of the round

Behind its simple game appearance hides a beautiful learning curve in the strength of card effects. Above all, it is the end of the round that will have to be mastered. You will already need a minimum of 6 discarded cards to end the round. But it is especially card 7 which allows you to change the trump suit which is the game changer!

The strength of 7 and 8

Announcing the end of the round (because yes, it is the players who decide) implies that we offer a last round to his opponent. And if in this last round he can discard a 7, whose power is to change the trump suit, then he can overturn your entire plan. But by discarding an 8 during the round, you will end it immediately! This is the key, not always possible, but which will involve sacrificing a neighborhood!

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The meaning of sacrifice

We don’t have to win everything!

It is not necessary to prevail on all fronts! Some neighborhoods will be expendable because they no longer have a stake in Dracula, having fallen too far behind the transformed villagers here. The game will therefore shift during the round towards localized issues that will have to be understood… Adding a little more to the great learning curve.

Mastery of 4

Thus it will be possible via the discard of a 4 of move your cards between its neighborhoods to adapt to its new challenges. The 5 is also powerful by offering an additional turn. Just like the 6 which allows you to exchange an acrte with that of the same district of your opponent… It’s up to you to read carefully in his game where he put all these marbles!

And tomorrow I will wake up again

Learn young vampire

The nice learning curve of the game in mastering the effects that I have described to you but also the chance inherent in the draw will mean that you will have a interesting replayability in this game. The slight asymmetry implied by the 2 different victory conditions depending on the character played adds to the pleasure of returning to it (even if I would have liked it to be even more pronounced).

A premium game

And what can I say in the pleasure of the game of the crazy material of this game. It indeed arrives with wooden easels to lay the cards! And rather than cards, the publisher spoils us with tiles! A tile folding game in short, almost crazy! This makes it a game that could make a great Christmas present!

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A striking AD

The previous Bloody Inn

We find in the illustrations of the game Weberson Santiago (La Famiglia, The Great Split) which has a pencil stroke very recognizable in the gaming world. Some people call it genius but I admit that it’s a style that speaks less to me. Besides, I resold The Bloody Inn, a game that he illustrated at Pearl Games, precisely because of its AD (first time that has happened to me)…

Here I am under the spell

But here the charm operates. The illustrations have to character and are superb. And I find them less dark than for The Bloody Inn. I even had Nolan, 10 years old, play it, who, even if he admitted to having found some of it a little scary, was able to play the game calmly (and without having nightmares afterwards haha).

Review and opinion on Dracula VS Van Helsing: blood for blood - 7

The Duel!

I totally fell for this interesting and original duel proposed by Théo Rivière and Maxime Rambourg carried by a quality edition at Mandoo Games. An editor who masters duels since you can find them in a duel with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! See you for a new night of terror!

Review and opinion on Dracula VS Van Helsing: blood for blood - 9

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