True success in the land of the rising sun, the saga Rhythm Tengoku knocks on our door again. Titled Rhythm Paradise Megamix , the title is a regular on Nintendo’s 3DS. Can our nerves already prepare to be put to the test?

The Rhythm Tengoku license has a particularity: it’s the kind of game that we don’t necessarily expect, but which is capable of going from the angel of ease to the demonic failure. Starting from an extremely simple concept, typing at the right time, the software is not an easy task.

And yet, the license is not its first attempt, since it has now been haunting Nintendo’s various consoles for 10 years, starting with the GBA. In order to celebrate the event in style, the Japanese publisher wanted to make a sort of potpourri of the most cult mini-games, including new features : Rhythm Paradise Megamix is ​​born!

He who sows the wind reaps the tempo…

Getting started with the game is quite simple, as is the case with most Nintendo opuses. You are faced with mini-games whose goal is to have the right tempo in order to press at the right time on the button or screen. There are two ways to play: via the A or B keys or by touch, a legacy of one of the previous opus on DS which was not unanimously appreciated.

Each test does not leave you in total mystery sincetraining is offered each time, which you can start again if you haven’t gotten the hang of it. Because on paper, the matter is quickly resolved, the reasoning simple, and the idea not so catchy as that. On the console, it’s a different story since between single and double notes, the “I was almost there” are out. Certainly here there is no boss of unimaginable difficulty, or a character with insufficient experience, equipped with a bad weapon. Fingering and your ear will be the only weapons here. Welcome to Hell !

It’s the kind of game that we don’t necessarily expect, but which is capable of going from the angel of ease to the demonic failure

However, don’t panic: the game is based on a logical progression. As a result, the first universes are above all there to help you acquire the basics of the game, with the difficulty increasing crescendo. However, if you don’t succeed, Nintendo won’t leave you indifferent and will offer you access to the next level for a few coins.

Certainly the graphics are from another age, far from being a reference for this type of game, but are absolutely not handicapping. We can still notice the efforts of the developers who, far from wanting to offer a simple copy/paste, were able to revisit the oldest games in terms of design. We can also notice that this rather childish appearance succeeds in the game, and sometimes makes it possible to torture a little more the player who relied on the graphics to adopt the right rhythm.

In addition, being a potpourri mixing old and new mini-games, aficionados will easily enjoy finding certain monuments of the title like the karateka without having to bring out this and that console. Even if in the end the new challenges remain in the minority, gaming pleasure is omnipresent. In total Rhythm Paradise Megamix has around a hundred challenges.

…and new features

One of the main new features is the presence of this story mode which we were ultimately not used to. Here, we help Tibi reach his home in Paradise. Of course, getting to the tree of abundance is not easy since at each stage, an NPC will ask you to complete four tests in order to move on to the next level.

Even if the story is an excuse to play the mini-game, the concern comes above all from the numerous blablas… which we cannot get past. Sometimes long, they break the rhythm… of a game having it as its leitmotif.

Gaming pleasure is omnipresent

The other new thing is this principle of coins and pearls added in order to display progress a little slower than usual. Special mention for the three guards, who racket you in the literal sense of the term in order to move to the next level. Each of them represents a difficulty, and the more you pay, the easier the mini-game will be to access by offering more possibility of failure for example. Here too we can pass if the player ever gets stuck.

The most talented will become rich enough to play in imitation of Pachinko, or will spend them as much as they want in the store to unlock mini-games again. Although fairly anecdotal, it should be noted that the game also offers local or online multiplayer which will allow everyone to test their skills against other players.

Most :
  • Easy to handle
  • Lifetime
  • The number of mini-games
The lessers :
  • The chatter
  • The bead system
  • Sometimes annoying
THE REVIEW OF THE Rhythm Paradise Megamix TEST 15

Rhythm Paradise Megamix is ​​certainly a medley of old opuses, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own qualities. Far from being a graphic beast, the visual aspect remains, like its predecessors, quite nice. In addition, of the hundred or so challenges present, veterans will be delighted to find themselves in familiar territory while discovering real new things. As for the new kids, there is no doubt that they will appreciate these hours and these hair pulling, a true characteristic of the license

(UPDATE) Rhythm Paradise Megamix on 3DS to be won on JVL!

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