Riot announces ticket dates for LoL Worlds 2023


Riot announces ticket dates for LoL Worlds 2023

LoL Esports fans around the world pay attention! Riot has just announced the official ticket sales dates for Worlds 2023. Here’s everything you need to know.

Ah boy, it’s that time of year again, all the major LoL Esports leagues are in full swing, and everyone is aiming to qualify for the World Championship. We may have to wait for which teams will participate in Worlds, but we already know when we can buy the tickets. Riot has just announced the opening dates for the official box office.

Riot announces ticket dates for LoL Worlds 2023

Ahh the Worlds, one of the biggest and most anticipated Esports events of the year. Thousands of fans cheer on their favorite teams and players, high-level play, and the best mechanics you’ll ever see in the Rift.

This year, the League of Legends World Championship will be played in Seoul, the South Korean capital. And now we know the dates of the official ticket sales. As Riot Games announced on the LoL Esports Twitter page, there will be 3 waves of ticket sales. One for each stage of the Worlds.

This first batch of tickets can be purchased from July 10, for the Play-In phase of the Tournament. In this stage, teams from all over the world will fight for the last places in the Swiss stage of the World Cup. So if any of you enjoy watching exotic or underdog teams play, this is your chance to experience it.

The second wave concerns the Swiss scene. These tickets can be purchased from July 19. In the Swiss phase, all major teams and players are involved and fight for qualification to the knockout phase. The name Swiss Stage comes from the Swiss Tournament Format, which is also used in other major Esport titles.

The third wave concerns the knockout phase. These tickets will be sold from August 2.

In the past, Worlds tickets were in high demand among LoL fans, so we advise you to be quick. Good luck and stay strong, it’s a long road to Korea.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Tickets for #Worlds2023 will be on sale soon!

– Play-In Stage tickets go on sale July 10
– Tickets for the Swiss stage will go on sale on July 19
– Tickets for the knockout phase will go on sale on August 2

Stay tuned for more information on how/where to buy.

— LoL Esports (@lolesports) June 30, 2023

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