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Since the start of this unprecedented violence, mayors have been on the front line. Several town halls were attacked by rioters. Everywhere in France, elected officials are trying to reassure the population and traders.

In Sannois (Val-d’Oise), the town hall is condemned. Everything is done to make the building impenetrable. The town hall has been under heavy protection since its attack by rioters on the night of Thursday, June 29. The mayor intervened against the attackers. Since then, every evening, Bernard Jamet, mayor (DVD) of Sannois, finds his 25 municipal councilors. All take turns to monitor the town hall and ensure a permanent presence. “It’s taking public space, not leaving public space to those who are rioters”believes Bernard Jamet.

The roof of the town hall as a watchtower

The teams’ strategy is to turn on the lights on all floors. The rounds follow one another all night long. The roof of the town hall then serves as a watchtower. “In the distance, we start to see projectiles, mortars, we see columns of smoke when there are fire starts”, explains Nicolas Flament, deputy mayor of Sannois. But elected officials know that in the face of violence, they cannot act alone.

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