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Roboquest All Gadget Locations

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In Roboquestyou will have several gadgets with various benefits to be found. They will be placed in different Locations on the map – some in secret areassome in well hidden placesand for some gadgets you will have to defeat mini-bosses. Here is a complete list of gadget locations.

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Roboquest gadget locations

During the game Roboquestyou can find various gadgets it will help you boost your character. There is 10 gadgets in total you can find in different areas. Once you have collected all possible gadgets in Roboquest, you can Enable Or disable this by going to gadget holder just before starting the game.

here is list of all locations where you will find the gadgets.

Location #1 Battery Burger

To find the Battery Burger Gadgetonce you find yourself in the Canyons arealook for a robot buddy. Note that he will appear randomly on the map just before the Oasis Checkpoint. Approach the robot and press E to collect it. Whatever you do, don’t destroy the bot because if you do, you won’t be able to open the secret door.

After crossing the canyon and reaching the Oasis districtlook to the left, where you will see a cascade. Behind there is a secret door lockedwhich can only be opened if you have the robot buddy with you. Once you open the door you will find the “Swimsuit“, which is a hidden place where you will see a robot who will exchange the “Battery Burger» with you for the swimsuit.

Slot #2 Business case

THE Business Briefcase Gadget can be found in the Ruins area. Once there, you will see a robot with a interrogation point above his head, standing next to a object it looks like a damaged van or one destroyed part of a train.

Approach the little robot. He will ask you if you have a Power cell. If you provide it to the robot, it will give you the Gadget “Business case” in exchange.

Slot #3 Pogo Stick

HAS Locate THE Pogo Stick Gadgets in Roboquest, you will have to go to the Career zone. Once there, look for a little robot standing on a raised platform.

Climb to reach the robot and interact with him. After doing this, the little robot will provide you with the “Pogo Stick” Gadget.

Location #4 Explorer’s Slipper

THE Explorer Slipper Gadget which can be found in the Canyons area from the menu. To locate it, search for a big purple door with yellow sparks behind him.

Note that you will need to wear your shovel with you for this one. This is because you will have to dig up THE “Explorer’s Slipper” Gadget once you are behind the purple door.

Location #5 Roll

To find the Gadget on wheelsonce you have completed the first part of the Canyons areayou will meet a old robot located at checkpoint. He will ask you data logs.

Then you will have to Locate And collect Exactly 5 data logs. When you have them all, you will be able to exchange them with the old robot for the Gadget “Roller”.

Location #6 Metal Detector

Metal detector gadget also requires collecting the data logs in order to be found and obtained. Again, same old robot of previous location is involved.

The robot will ask you to collect Exactly 35 data logs. Once you do that, he will reward you with the Gadget “Metal detector” In exchange.

Location #7 Kitchen Gloves

To find the Gadget Kitchen Gloveswhen you reach the checkpoint area in the terrain mapthere will be another old robot on site and he will ask you for a specific item.

The robot will ask for a specific type of firearm. If you are lucky enough to have this weapon at your side, show it to the robot, and you unlock the “Oven Gloves” gadget.

Location #8 Cape of Heroes

THE Hero Cloak Gadget can be found in the Aquatic station map checkpoint area. Near where you’ll see all the NPC, you will find a ice Cube.

Note that you will need to wear the Powerful handgun with you. Use it to melt the ice cube and get the Gadget “Hero’s Cloak”.

Location #9 Jetpack

Find the Jetpack gadget is a difficult stain. In order to obtain the “Jetpack” gadgetfirst you will need to find an element called “Randy Nose” in the Fusion Core checkpoint area. You will also need to find the “Cinema ticket” article at the end of Pit area just before reaching the final boss.

To arrive at Pit areayou will first need to unlock a secret area Behind a door. THE coded to open this door, it is behind the main door in the Oasis Area Checkpoint. To open the Career door, find it key located in the technical room in the secret area of Ruinsmore precisely in the Field Area Checkpoint.

Once you have completed all the previous tasks, you will need to start another one. runthis time at City Havre. You’ll have to defeat 4 mini-bosses to cross this area. Once you have defeated them, go to the cinema shop, where you can enter using the form previously obtained Cinema ticket article. Inside the store you will find a little robot who will ask you to give him the Randy Nose article in order to open THE Jetpack gadget.

Location #10 Grapple

THE Grapple Gadget is located in City Havre. On your left sideyou should see a cave which can be entered via a secret entrance.

Note that the entry will be locked. To unlock it, use the following combination of colors white, YELLOW, red, YELLOW, blueAnd blue. Behind the door you will find the Grapple Gadget.

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