Samsung now lets you check your phone’s OLED technology


Samsung now lets you check your phone’s OLED technology

Thanks to Samsung’s new OLED Finder site, you can now check the quality of your screen.

Samsung Display recently launched a new website called OLED Finder. It aims to help everyone know if their products have the right OLED technology.. It includes devices made by Samsung Electronics and other brands like Asus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus, and Meizu.

Samsung launches OLED Finder site to check your device’s screen

The site is in beta phase, and for now, its search engine is limited to 700 phone models. Which consists of eight different Android brands. However, the Display division wants to expand the capabilities of the new OLED Finder website. It could also help users identify whether laptops and tablets have Samsung OLED panels.

The site is currently available, but it is a beta version. It is therefore possible that you will encounter some bugs. As we said, it is not possible to verify for an iPhone. But the company will definitely fix this problem and improve the search tool.

Samsung Display claims that 70% of smartphones use OLED panels with its technology. The site’s goal is therefore to “provide more accurate information to consumers looking for premium OLED products.” Which is a very smart idea on the part of the manufacturer. OLED Finder can also be a very useful tool for potential smartphone buyers..

Also, the website will be even more useful once tablets and laptops are added to it. The company hasn’t revealed when exactly that will happen.. Nevertheless, with OLED laptops that are becoming more and more popular and Android brands that are increasingly interested in tablets, these expanded capabilities of OLED Finder will be welcome.

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