One UI 6.0 introduces an experimental feature to force dark mode in some apps.

Originally launched in 2018 via the first One UI update, dark mode on Samsung’s Galaxy devices was ahead of similar offerings from Android. This feature is particularly effective on the AMOLED screens of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.. Reducing eye strain in low light environments.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The History of Dark Mode on Samsung Devices with One UI 6.0

Over time, many third-party Android apps have adopted dark mode. While some of them offer the option to manually switch from light mode to dark mode, others strictly follow the global settings of the operating system.. This can become problematic for users wanting a personalized user experience.

To solve this problem, Samsung has integrated an experimental function in One UI 6.0. Named “Dark mode apps”, this option can be found in the “Labs” section of the advanced settings on Galaxy S23 devices running One UI 6.0.

However, this feature seems to need some tweaking. For example, the YouTube application is currently the only compatible one. It already allows users to force dark mode regardless of system settings.

Since the update is still in beta phase, it is likely that Samsung will continue to work on this feature. Future updates may therefore offer better integration and flexibility.

One UI 6.0

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