The Sea of ​​Thieves Beta started last weekend and due to some issues, you were entitled to 2 additional days to enjoy it, until January 31st.

We had the opportunity to slip into the shoes of pirates during this period, did we get seasick? Here is the answer.

Before starting to sail the oceans, we had to choose the size of the boat, which influences the number of people in the team, namely a large one to play with 4, a medium one for a duo and finally a smaller one if you decide to play it solo.
It is good to note that cooperation brings an undeniable plus in Sea of ​​Thieves because you feel at the very heart of a crew. Besides, it is advisable to have an active microphone to be able to discuss with your colleagues so that the immersion is even more important.

Your character is free to roam around the different islands and locations

In one game we played as a pirate in a team of 4, and at another time we decided to go it alone.

Concretely it works like in the real life of a sailor with everything you need to do before you go sailing but a little simpler.
Your character is free to roam around the different islands and locations, but the most interesting thing is still to take to the sea.

Once everyone has boarded, you can divide up the tasks to start your adventure.

Because the ship will not start just by pressing a key. Here you will indeed have to weigh anchor, then raise the various sails and finally maneuver the helm to leave in search of new lands and treasures.
And that’s what Sea of ​​Thieves is about, that is,he invites you to go on an adventure wondering what will happen when you arrive on an island or when you see another boat.

Indeed the game does not offer a clearly defined objective, it lets you create your own scenario.

Sea of ​​Thieves invites you to go on an adventure

Which is a very good idea, but which unfortunately has its limits because we quickly found ourselves traveling on the oceans without having to do anything, just waiting to arrive at our destination.
And even once landed on the island, the clash with the local skeletons and the treasure hunt became quite repetitiveespecially since we had to return to the outpost each time to be rewarded for our discoveries.
Even if underwater exploration was also availableit is not enough on its own to bring enough novelties.
To qualify this lack of content, the developers had warned that only 20% of the total would be in the beta. It remains to be seen what the final version will be.

Furthermore, the graphic style is a real success as well as the soundtrackwith a special mention for the accordion music that you will play during your travels or reunions between pirates.

We were able to test Sea of ​​Thieves on Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PC, and no huge difference was felt, Rare has optimized each platform well.


In conclusion, the Sea of ​​Thieves beta allowed us a great immersion in the world of piracy with its graphics, its soundtrack and the use of the microphone, and to really take us for an outlaw who has no only loves than the sea and money. However, it will be necessary to see if the final version will be able to provide enough content to avoid a certain redundancy and the fatigue that could result from it.

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