How to Set Up Parental Control on iPhone


How to Set Up Parental Control on iPhone

Due to the changing times, we want our kids to be in the loop of what’s happening. That is why you recently purchased an iPhone for them. The problem is that they are now too excited, and they will dial anything to get anywhere.

That is where you need parental control solutions. Apple devices are now possessing inbuilt functions to activate such settings, but they can also be switched off at will. You need something that can tell you what the kids are doing without any tampering.

Are there such solutions? Yes, there are if you look in the right places. Let’s see how one of them works here, and it shows you.

Part 1: Using Spyier Parental Control on iPhones

There is a solution that you can use, and your kids will not see them. For you, everything will be arriving remotely right where you are. There is the internet these days, and that enables you to get results anywhere.

One of them is the Spyier solution that is applicable to any iOS device with version 7.0 or later. It’s so simple to use to the point of not needing installation. You only need the iCloud credentials of the phone to get started.

Since you don’t need to touch the phone to set it up, Spyier achieves 100% undetectability. That means your kids will never see it coming as you set up everything online. This solution has 35+ features. They are all shown to you on a dashboard that works with all browsers.

That allows you to log in anywhere if you have your login credentials and an internet connection. In most parental control apps, you may be forced to jailbreak the kid’s iPhone to get exclusive features.

That does not happen with Spyier since it already has cutting-edge technologies. That means it can fetch all the information you need without the need for the phone’s alteration. That also tells you that this app will be completely silent as it surveys your kids’ activities.

If you want to see all the dashboard features, get it from Spyier’s page on the website. We will highlight some of them here.

Part 2: Spyier Parental Control Features

  • All the contacts saved on the phone
  • The whole call log information
  • Sent and received iMessages, including the deleted ones
  • Real-time location and all the other visited places
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Social media activities
  • Installed applications
  • The whole browsing history
  • Keylogger reports

There is more to reveal when you subscribe to one of the plans and get an account in the process. As you monitor the kids’ activities, Spyier keeps your data from harm. It does that by syncing with the iPhone’s iCloud when you access your account.

So, if you are not checking on the updates, there is no data in your account. Here are the steps you need to get started with Spyier. Please note that it will only take about five minutes of your time.

Part 3: How to Use Spyier Parental Control on iPhones

Step 1: Go to the Spyier website and subscribe to one of the iOS category plans. As you do so, the website will ask for your email via a prompt window. Enter a working email and proceed to pay for your favorite plan.

Step 2: After the transaction, you will be taken to a confirmation page. It will have a username and a generated password to your account. You can change that at any time. Click on the button that says ‘Start Monitoring’ to proceed with the setup wizard.

Step 3: In the setup process, choose the iOS icon and feed the kids’ iPhone iCloud credentials. After that, click on start to get the dashboard.

Step 4: When the dashboard arrives, it will have all the features you need on the left menu. The phone’s summary will also be available.

To start checking on the activities, use the links in the menu.

Part 4: Why Choose Spyier as Your Parental Control Application?

This is a solution that has received millions of users across the globe. The advantages realized include the following:

No Phone Alteration

Spyier will never demand jailbreaking of any sort. Due to the cutting-edge technologies, it will quietly maneuver all the phone’s security measures. In the end, you will see everything remotely without alerting the kids.

Complete Stealth Mode

There is no installation needed here from subscription to getting the results. You will be working on Spyier’s website. That implies Spyier will never show its icon on the targeted phone. That is how you achieve complete stealth mode.

Real-Time Results

It doesn’t matter where you are. Spyier will show you every activity on the phone as soon as it is updated. You only need to login to get them.


Spyier is one of the few apps that will keep you covered and protect you from online harm. It does not store the data collected if you are not logged in. Further, there is no malware introduced as you monitor the kids’ iPhone.

Remote Uninstallation

When it’s time to get rid of Spyier, you can do it via your control panel. There is a one-time uninstallation button for that. Once you click on it, the solution will be gone from the iPhone. To make sure it’s gone, dial *001# on the kid’s device.

Budget-Friendly and Fully Supported

Spyier offers you more than what you pay for. Therefore, it will always be worth the investments, not to mention there are no hidden fees. If you ever get any issues with the application, the support is there for you 24/7.


It’s essential to set up parental control applications if you are mostly away from your kids. It will help you capture their phone activities remotely and also take necessary precautions. The good thing about Spyier is that your kids will never notice it.

You only need their iCloud ID to get it done in five minutes at most.

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