It’s Valentine’s Day, February 14th next time, what will Sniper Elite 4 be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The least we can say is that the game developed by Rebellion will not be there to fool around in the field. Immersed in the middle of the Second World War, you will play the role of the sniper Carl Fairburne whose perilous mission will consist of infiltrating enemy lines to eliminate their targets in complete stealth.

If discretion will be strongly recommended to achieve your objectives, the launch trailer released today by Rebellion shows us that Sniper Elite 4 will also be able to be explosive when the situation requires it, or more simply in the event of an uncontrolled overthrow. Whether you want to play it fine or in wild mode, no problem, all approaches will be possible.

The second information of the day concerns the content of the Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass, available from the day of release of the title at the price of €34.99. In addition to the DLC exclusive to pre-orders that we had already revealed previously, the latter will give access to 12 post-launch content packs including 4 solo and co-op campaign missions which we detail below:

  • Pre-order content: Führer Objective Mission: Infiltrate a secret docking bay in the open Mediterranean Sea and use your wits and creativity to eliminate the target with different approaches.
  • “Camouflage Rifle” Skin Pack: Camouflage yourself in the lush vegetation of Italy at war with detailed weapon skins for the game’s 7 starting rifles, usable in any game mode.
  • Three new campaign missions: A brand new campaign comprising 3 chapters, independent from the main story, and offering rich and varied environments which will lead Karl outside of Italy towards a thrilling finale.
  • Three expansion packs: Each expansion pack will launch alongside a campaign mission. They will include 3 new weapons, 8 new weapon skins and 2 new characters.
  • Weapon and character packs: Three weapon packs including silenced weapons, Allied rifles and weapons to attack the enemy in close combat, three new characters to use in co-op and multiplayer modes. Note that all maps and multi modes that will be released after release will be free for the entire community.

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