[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Golden Opportunity, Gods and Monsters, Life and Death” in Immortals Fenyx Rising

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[SOLVED] : How to complete the quest “Golden Opportunity, Gods and Monsters, Life and Death” in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Occasion en or is the third quest in the Brisants region.

Cross the broken bridge

Just northwest of the island, there is a bridge connecting the two largest islands in the region. Go back to the island with the recon location and take the bridge – use the double jump to cross the pair of gaps on its span.

At the end of the bridge, we will have a new objective.

Save the stranger who called for help

Our compass will direct us east and towards a cliff. Climb to the top to find the ruins of a small town. Keep following the checkpoint until you reach the center of the ruin and a scene will play out featuring a new type of enemy – a Gorgon.

Defeat the Gorgon

Here you will get a stealth attack tutorial against a Gorgon and you will get the Bracers of Heracles, allowing you to use the Force d’Heraclès for moving and transporting heavy objects.

Follow the runaway to the turtle-shaped island

You will then be sent to an island off the coast of that area and will need to go around to find a cave opening.

You will need to transport and place the golden boxes on the two ornate plinths to open access to the rift, which will drop you into the Struggle of Odysseus.

Crypt of Tartarus – The Struggle of Odysseus

Collect the bow

Jump into the red rift to enter the fight of Odysseus. Here you will have to move the golden cubes on the pedestals again to reach the next level.

When all the cubes are placed on the bases you will get thearc of odysseus.

Next you are going to grab a bow and get a brief tutorial on it. Use Apollo’s arrow to shoot the 3 panels.

Once the door is open, use Apollo’s arrow again to pull on the chain to drop the stone onto the plinth.

Open the chest at the end and collect the thunderbolt of zeus to complete this quest.

Occasion en or – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Now that Fenyx has wings, she can continue her adventure in Immortals Fenyx Rising. When Fenyx exits the first rift in the game, the “Golden Opportunity” quest is triggered.

Save the stranger who called for help

Fenyx can now use the double jump thanks to its wings, which can allow it to cross the broken bridge in the middle of the island. You will then have to go to the cliff in front of you by climbing it, before arriving in a village in ruins with a Gorgon that lurks.

Kill the latter by sneaking discreetly behind it, and collect the Bracers of Heracles, which will allow you to use the Force d’Heraclès to lift objects.

Now head to the turtle-shaped island by eliminating the monsters along the way. Once on the island, a portal will block your way.

Use Heracles’ Force to find two nearby cubes and place them on the two plinths adorned with a feather to open access to the rift, which will drop you into the Struggle of Odysseus.

Collect the bow

Go straight ahead until you find a first button to activate, which will cause cubes to appear. Push the large cube on the left towards the nearest pedestal, then use Heracles’ Force to pull the small cube to the right and place it on the other pedestal.

Further, attract the large wooden cube located high up, then place it against the wall. Climb by jumping on it, and continue to see two new buttons, with two new cubes.

Lift these, and throw them over the hole, towards the pedestals to the left and right of the path. Continue on your way to retrieve thearc of odysseus.

Then pull on the panel in front of you and walk forward. Then use Apollo’s arrow following the directions on the screen to shoot the panel behind the gate. Repeat to shoot the second panel further, then one last time passing under the second gate on the path of the arrow.

Once the door is open, use the Apollo arrow on your right again and go around the walls to find another panel, which will open the door to the right.

Collect the chest and continue straight until you see a large stone hanging high. Shoot the chain to destroy it, and place two pieces of stone on the bases.

You can then retrieve the Lightning of Zeus and end the mission. To learn more about Immortals Fenyx Rising, feel free to check out our full guide as well as our review of the game.

How to complete the quest “Life and Death” Immortals Fenyx Rising

Life and death is the second quest in the Brisants region

Examine the strange glow on the islet

To start this quest, jump into the pond below.

After killing a few soldiers along the way, you must continue swimming to the rift that will suck the Ax Atalante. Jump in to get to the Passage into the abyss.

Passage into the abyss

Collect the ax

You make your way through with a simple platform here and a puzzle. The solution is to activate the first switch to go right, then activate the switch to the right, then deactivate the first switch. This will lift the platforms up so you can grab your wings.

Using these wings, you can do a double jump and grab your ax, which comes with a combat tutorial of its own.

After that, open the chest at the end and collect some zeus lightning. Congratulations, you have just completed your first safe!

Life and Death – Immortals Fenyx Rising

After taking his first steps in this new region, Fenyx’s quest continuing in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Fenyx then sets off in search of the ailing stranger who has been captured by a griffin, reaching the islet where he has been deposited.

Examine the strange glow on the islet

Start by pressing R3 (on PlayStation) to examine the surroundings to find the place you need to examine, which is the Red Rift.

To reach the mainland, you will have to perform an angel’s jump in the small pool located below (and do not try to jump into the water behind you, the landing is more brutal).

Then follow the path to be attacked by a few soldiers, then swim across the body of water to arrive in front of the fault. You will then find Atalanta’s Ax, but it will be sucked into the rift. Jump in to witness a fake end of the game and find yourself in the Passage into the abyss.

Collect the ax

Simply go straight ahead by jumping until you reach a first lever to operate to climb. Further on, another lever will allow you to move to the right lever, which you must also activate. Cross the ravine with the mobile platform, then open the chest at the end.

Behind you, another lever awaits you, which will bring you back to your starting point. It is then sufficient to engage the first lever again to raise columns and cross.

You will then get the Broken wings and the Atalanta’s ax, but no time to rest, since several monsters will invite themselves to the party. Once beaten, continue your way by placing yourself on the base behind the door to bring the mobile platform to you.

How to complete the quest “Gods and Monsters” Immortals Fenyx Rising

Gods and monsters is the last quest in the region of the Brsants.

Join the hall of the gods

Once you have completed the previous quest, Hermès will have pointed you in the direction of the hall of the gods, the large domed structure in the distance to the west. With our new wings, we can soar across the expanse to land on the continent.

Along the way: you will find an epic chest guarded by soldiers that contains the ax ” Forgotten Labrys ».

Note: we can hover by hitting jump X, then O. Flying will use endurance in the same way as running or climbing. If the stamina bar runs out, the wings will disappear and Fenyx will fall to the ground.

When you land on the mainland you will be in the region from The Valley of Eternal Spring. Make your way to the Hall of the Gods and, when you arrive, climb to the top. Here you will once again find Hermes who will give you an insight into what happened on the level of history and what we need to do.

Following this scene, the quest will be completed and you will unlock four new quests.

Gods and Monsters – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Now that Fenyx has repelled Typhon, temporarily, it is possible to freely visit the Golden Isle which serves as a playground for this Immortals Fenyx Rising. But before venturing into the unknown, it is advisable to follow the very short quest Gods and monsters, whose name is a nod to the original title of the game.

Join the hall of the gods

Launch yourself from the platform to reach the island by hovering. You will arrive directly in the plains where many objects await you, but we advise you to go straight ahead to reach the Hall of the Gods.

Along the way, you will find an epic chest guarded by soldiers that contains the “Forgotten Labrys” ax. Continue straight ahead to arrive in front of the covered market, which you will have to climb. Take the northern flank of the rocks to climb without too much trouble, and take some blue mushrooms with you if you’re worried about running out of stamina.

Once at the top you will find Hermes who will explain the situation Fenyx is in a little better. Just watch the cutscene to end the quest. Take the opportunity to take a tour of all the services of the Hall of the Gods to familiarize yourself with the upgrades that Fenyx can receive.

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