Just after the “conference” at the opening of PSX 2017, Shawn Laydenpresident of Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Worldwide Studios, spoke on various topics regarding the future of the brand playstation. In addition to discussing the ability to change our PSN IDs (a feature that should arrive in 2018) and the manufacturer’s love for single player games, Layden also mentioned the PS4.

With its 70.6 million copies sold worldwide, the console sony is more than ever the undisputed leader, well ahead of the Xbox One (31.7 million) and the Switch (10 million units but after only a year of marketing). Anyway, the Japanese brand sees itself continuing on the path to success. Shawn Layden has indeed declared that he is confident that the PS4 will maintain its leadership in 2018.

With exclusive licenses like God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, Dreams or even Days Gone, the PS4 has serious advantages. Not to mention titles from third-party publishers such as Red Dead Redemption II, Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter World or Kingdom Hearts III. Only time will tell if sony was right… but given the current dynamic, there is indeed little chance that the PS4 will be exceeded in the coming months.

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