If Insomniac Games was already behind the prototype for Sunset Overdrive, the studio faced its biggest challenge when it came time to develop Spider-Man. In any case, this is what must be understood after the speech by Jacindastudio spokesperson, at Devcom.

It was first explained that the Sunset Overdrive prototype made them want to make Spider-Man an open-world game with interconnected platformsbut that the unused Sunset concept was too realistic and didn’t fit the lighter aesthetic that Spider-Man represented.

(You can see images of the prototype below)

From then on, it had become essential for them to develop a system that would procedurally generate buildings as well as skyscrapers which are part of the very essence of the game.

Similarly, the design of bosses and enemies was a long process. If the character animation was done in-house, the facial animation of the characters was entrusted to a team external to the studio.

Jacinda also reveals that the animation team worked faster than the environment team, because he wanted absolutely avoid repeating the same mistakes as with Resistance.

In the ray of revelations, Jacinda explain that a classic red boot is visible in one of the concept art. It was in pre-production for a while, before it was eventually pulled because the art director didn’t like it.

The Principle of Fast Travel was not a top priority when the project was launched, it was not even part of the initial prototypeit was added later to eventually become an important element of gameplay.

Finally, the idea of ​​the white gauntlet was at the base a designer’s ideawhich was chosen by the artistic director.

Spiderman will be available exclusively on PS4, the September 7, 2018.

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