While we already knew for a few days that Spider-Man will run at 30 FPS on all versions of the PlayStation 4 to offer the most enjoyable playable version possible, we discover that the developers of Insomniac Games intend to take advantage of the potential offered by the PlayStation 4 Pro.

It is through the developer’s Twitter account that we find out today that the studio is counting make good use of 100% of the power offered by the latest from Sony. A meaningful promise that could allow the Japanese manufacturer to better promote its machine for the end of the year celebrations, a period when 4K / HDR screens should experience a nice drop in price.

The studio also confirms that the cobweb throwing system will not feature different modes, because although it is easy to learn, it offers a real feeling of progression as our mastery improves. Finally, although the specific size of the game is not revealed, the developers confirm that it will have to make room on the hard disk of our machines to accommodate their project.

As a reminder, the game will arrive on September 7 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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