Splatoon 3 version 6.0.0 update now available with patch notes


Splatoon 3 version 6.0.0 update now available with patch notes

Nintendo released Splatoon 3 Version 6.0.0, a new update that prepares the game for the launch of Chill Season 2023 on December 1st. Chill Season 2023 will bring new maps, weapons and in-game events.

Splatoon 3 Chill Season 2023 will begin on December 1st. Players can expect a host of new weapons, the return of the Bluefin Depot map, new clothing, and much more. Before launch, players must download the Splatoon 3 Updated to version 6.0.0 as it adds data related to upcoming new content.

Splatoon 3 Version 6.0.0 update prepares for the cold season

The latest update for Splatoon 3 adds support for Chill Season 2023, including a new catalog, two stages, the new King Salmonid, new weapons, and several multiplayer changes. Additionally, a long list of bug fixes applied numerous bug fixes to player controls, multiplayer, Salmon Run, and Splatfests.

Nintendo confirms that the next Splatoon 3 the update is planned for the middle of Chill Season 2023, but no exact date has been revealed. This new update will focus on balancing adjustments, so Nintendo will likely be looking for player feedback in the coming weeks and months.

Here’s an excerpt from the patch notes, via Nintendo:

Seasonal and catalog changes

  • On November 30, 2023, data for Chill Season 2023 was added to the game. This includes:
    • A new catalog, including new equipment, titles, banners, decorations, stickers and emotes.
    • 1 new combat stage (Robo ROM-en) and 1 returning combat stage (Bluefin Depot).
    • 2 new special weapons.
    • 9 new sets of existing primary weapons combined with different secondary and special weapons.
    • A recently discovered royal salmonid, Megalodontia.
    • 11 new Tableturf Battle maps.
  • Players will now be able to obtain 1 Sheldon License at the end of each season.

Multiplayer Changes

  • Added 2 songs that will play during battles.
  • New special weapons have been added.
    • Weapons equipped with these special weapons will be available from Ammo Knights at the start of Chill Season 2023.

(Full Patch Notes)

Lately, Splatoon 3 is available now on Nintendo Switch and the Chill 2023 season begins on December 1st.


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