Starfield: all confirmed factions and groups


Starfield: all confirmed factions and groups

Starfield offers many factions and groups that you can join. Are you curious to see what they all have to offer?

To truly experience all that colonized systems have to offer, you need to join a faction or group in Starfield! Depending on the type of character you play, some factions may seem more interesting to you than others.

  • to start playing, no!

Since Starfield is set in the year 2330, some of these factions already have quite a rich history, dating back over 100 years prior. Others are relatively new and are still being established.

But regardless of their age, they all look pretty interesting!

Starfield: factions and groups

Starfield’s many factions and groups can offer you different allies or enemies, depending on which one you decide to join. By joining a faction, you will not only gain a new group of friends with the same interests as you, but you will also have the chance to take on new quests that will earn you lots of money and XP to help you progress. . quickly.

At the moment we know that there are 11 factions and groups you can choose from! Keep in mind that there are certain groups that you can only join during character creation. We currently don’t know if you will be able to join all parties while playing.


Constellation is the band you start your journey with and it’s the band we know best right now. This group is dedicated to uncovering all the wonders and mysteries of the galaxy. Along with looking for other things to explore, Constellation is always on the lookout for rare artifacts.

As Bethesda previously announced as part of Starfield’s history: Constellation was founded in 2275 by Sebastian Banks and has its current headquarters, The Lodge, in New Atlantis.

Of all the potential companions you can have in Starfield, four of them are part of Constellation.

If you’re interested in romantic Starfield characters, these four can be romanticized too!

United colonies

The United Colonies are one of the largest factions and one of the interstellar governments of the colonized systems. Their history dates back to 2159, so they had some time to establish their mighty power and influence throughout the galaxy. The United Colonies even founded their capital, New Atlantis, where Constellation’s headquarters is also located.

The faction also has quite a rivalry with the Freestar Collective, which has as much political and military power as the United Colonies. They even fought in the Colonial Wars.

Bethesda also warned that while peace currently reigns in the colonized systems, the united colonies continue to build military might by establishing a civilian navy. Those who enlist in this navy are promised citizenship of the United Colonies.

Who knows how long this peace will last.

Freestar Collective

As I just mentioned, the Freestar Collective faction is the other Interstellar Government of the Established Systems, which is just as powerful as the United Colonies. They will do anything to protect their citizens, which is why they weren’t afraid to wage war against the united colonies in the late 2100s.

The Freestar Collective is a collective of locals who believe in personal freedom and individuality, founded in 2189.

Unlike the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective chooses to be more isolated from the rest of the galaxy. The Freestar Collective is loosely organized and can be considered the “space cowboys” of the galaxy. Although they do not have the same military system as the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective founded the “Freestar Rangers” in 2221 to protect their inhabitants.

The headquarters of the Freestar Collective is in their fortified capital: Akila City.

Crimson Fleet

First space cowboys, now space pirates? The developers have said the Crimson Fleet is the perfect faction for anyone looking to make an “evil part” of Starfield. They raid and loot and are basically just pirates. What more can be said?

The headquarters of the Crimson Fleet is The Key, located in the Kryx system.

XenoFresh Company

With their headquarters located in the third largest city in the Settled System, Neon, you can expect to find the Xenofresh Corporation there. Known as the “city of pleasures”, Neon is famous for its parties and entertainment.

Neon also has a drug problem, which happens to be Xenofresh Corporation’s fault. Once they saw the financial opportunities associated with selling the psychoactive chemical known as Aurora, they took advantage of it to fund their own party lifestyle.

Ryujin Industries

Although we don’t know much about Ryujin Industries, the developers called it “one of the best debuts”. However, you will need to be hired by them to be able to join this faction, otherwise there is no way to become one of their members.

Ryujin Industries is said to represent corporate life in Starfield. You can find Ryujin Industries in Neon.

Ecliptic Mercenaries

Not much is known or said about the Ecliptic Mercenaries yet. As their name suggests, the group works as mercenaries for hire, who will do just about any job as long as the price is right.

If you’re looking for action-packed adventures full of risk and reward, then the Mercenaries of Ecliptic might just be the group for you.


Of all the factions and groups, we know the least about Spacers at this time. What we do know is that they are incredibly violent, so maybe try to avoid their way.

House Va’run

As mentioned at the start, the group known as the House of Va’ruun is a group that, as far as we know, can only be joined by choosing them during character customization at the start of the game.

House Va’ruun is known for its incredibly religious Zealots who worship the Great Serpent.


As with House Va’ruun, you can only join the group known as the Enlightened during character customization.

Unlike House Va’ruun, the Enlightened are a group of atheists and humanitarians who believe that humans should help each other. You can find them in their capital, the House of the Enlightened, in New Atlantis.

sacred universe

The Univers Sanctum is a relatively young religious group, which has found many members in its 20 years of existence. The members, also known as Universals, believe that God is waiting somewhere in the universe for his believers to find him, so they set out to explore much of the universe in hopes of finding him a day.

Since they believe that God is somewhere waiting to be found, they believe that Grav Drive is some kind of divine guidance given to them by God.

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