Starfield: All Main Missions List


Starfield: All Main Missions List

If you want to know how many main missions there are in Starfield, we offer you a list of all main missions.

For those who have been excited about Starfield since its reveal in 2018, the wait is finally over. Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG is here. But how long is this game? While Starfield’s galaxy offers endless adventures, Constellation’s main missions keep you on a specific path.

So how many missions are there in Starfield’s main story? Here is the complete list to guide you.

How many missions in Starfield’s main story?

Starfield’s main story includes 19 missions in total. As you follow the Constellation faction on your galactic journey, you will explore various planets across the galaxy. This substantial campaign alone will take about 30-40 hours.

Keep in mind, however, that this estimate does not include side missions. As you encounter new factions, explore new planets, and encounter NPCs, you’ll likely drift away from the main story, adding more game time.

All Starfield Main Missions

Here is the full list of Starfield main missions as you progress through the Constellation campaign:

  1. One small step
  2. The old quarter
  3. The empty nest
  4. Back to Vectora
  5. Into the unknown
  6. All this money can buy
  7. star born
  8. Further into the unknown
  9. Myopic
  10. No sudden movements
  11. High price to pay
  12. Unit
  13. In their footsteps
  14. Earthen
  15. Latest Insights
  16. Missed beyond measure
  17. tangled
  18. Revelation
  19. One giant step

That’s all you need to know about Starfield’s main story. Enjoy your space adventure! For all things Starfield, be sure to check back to

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