Street Fighter V, Ono speaks on the launch and microtransactions


Street Fighter V, Ono speaks on the launch and microtransactions

Street Fighter V is one of the most anticipated fighting games. Planned exclusively for PlayStation 4, Yoshinori Ono think the launch should go well:

I will never tell you that we are not confident! God only knows what article you could write behind it! I am obviously confident! And the beta was so useful, it allowed us to see the work to be done until launch. I think everything will work out in the end.

He continued to talk about beta and its benefits:

We realize that having matchmaking that works smoothly is very important. We were very grateful to the players who helped us. At the beginning, it’s always a little difficult but the beta is made for that. We want to identify what is wrong and fix it. I think that at the end of each organized session, the matchmaking works and that makes us happy.

We not only want to test the server load, but we also need it to balance the characters since this is the first time there won’t be an arcade version.

Matt Dahlgrensenior product manager, gave his opinion on microtransactions:

We try to reward players who continue to invest in the game. We have respect for our competitors and we make sure that anything that can impact the outcome of a match can be pledged with title currency.

Microtransactions can be perceived negatively, but this time they are more on the side of the players. They will get free content while playing.

The desire to be forgiven and to change the strategy of Capcom seems very real. A healthy decision for people who invest their time and money.

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