Suika Game madness: the watermelon game rolls across Europe

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Suika Game madness: the watermelon game rolls across Europe

Suika Gamealso called the watermelon gameis a video game whose popularity has continued to grow in Europe since 2023. Created by the Japanese studio Aladdin This is explained by a formidable community dynamic which has carried the phenomenon well beyond the borders of Asia.

Supported by streamers like Mistermv, Antoine Daniel, Baghera Jones and Etoiles, Suika Game tears up everything in its path.

A simple and addictive concept

At the heart of this madness, a simple and original concept: the player must merge fruits by throwing them from the top of a jar, by simple contact between them. From cherry to strawberry, from strawberry to grape, from grape to clementine etc… until watermelon. When two identical fruits touch, they merge and become the fruit of the size above. Simple, stupid, and universal.

Suika Game madness: the watermelon game rolls across Europe - 1

Suika Game madness: the watermelon game rolls across Europe - 1

An engaged and passionate community

The immediacy of Suika Game’s gameplay, the length of its contained games, the challenge it offers and its replayability hit the mark. The virality of the phenomenon is reinforced by streamers who have highlighted the game on their platforms, thus allowing the Aladdin

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The key figures of the phenomenon

Since its launch in 2021, the Suika Game has continued to record sales and downloads records. Today the game is available on theall video game platformsand mobile and console developments are very successful.

Some notable figures:

  • More than 10 million copies sold worldwide
  • At least 2.5 million downloads on mobile
  • Number one sales in several European countries

The future of the Suika Game: towards a sequel or spin-offs?

Building on the enthusiasm generated by this video game gem, the Aladdin X studio is showing ambition for the future. The developers have already announced regular updates to offer ever more levels and challenges to players, but are also considering the creation of a sequel or spin-offs to continue to expand this universe rich in entertainment.

It is certain that the Suika Game is only just beginning its meteoric rise, and we can’t wait to discover the next new features offered by the Japanese studio.

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