Super Mario Bros Wonder Direct: after the announcements, impatience!


Super Mario Bros Wonder Direct: after the announcements, impatience!

The Super Mario Bros Wonder Direct ended recently and we can now take stock of what awaits us for October 20, 2023. The least we can say is that Nintendo has spoiled us!

A welcome update, something new and a solid foundation!

After an introduction about the “story” of Super Mario Bros Wonder (bowser does bowser stuff and puts the sbeul in the kingdom of flowers), the video introduces us to the kingdom of flowers; which will consist of 7 worlds : the mountain, the islands, the desert, a strange forest, a world of lava, a cave engulfed in a yellow liquid… and certainly, Bowser’s castle.

The map is open and each world is accessible in the order of their choice. The game will feature flowers that speak, in French, and provide advice. Playable characters will be : Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, a variation of colors of Toad and Toadette. Carottin and yoshi will be the easy modes, as they do not take damage. Otherwise each character will be played in the same way, unlike a Mario Bros 2 or 3d World.

The game will have its share of new opponents, which will complement the classic bestiary. It will be the same for the transformations:

  • the elephant smash everything, spit water, and get a bunch of perks
  • The bubble shape, allows you to launch bubbles, lock enemies in them, and cross the scenery. It can also be used as a platform
  • The drill makes it resistant to spiked enemies, allows you to pass through the ground or ceilings. It will also be possible to dig some platforms.

You can store a power-up.

The miracle flower allows you to modify the level (appearance of enemies, change of perspective, space travel, free fall, or even transform into enemies). There will be many changes.

We can unlock badges progressing. They will give abilities like wall jump, swim faster, grappling hook etc. They allow to change the gameplay of the game. You can only equip one badge per level, and specific challenges will be available to unlock new badges.


A local multi of 2 to 4 will be possible on the same console. The mode will offer a rescue mechanic preventing you from losing a life. We can ride a yoshi player.

For the online game, we will see players from all over the world, in shadow, it will be possible to greet and exchange objects. We can put up panels to resuscitate characters. Moreover, we will earn heart points by helping others, by cooperating. We can play with our friends, always in shadows. It will be possible to go shopping but obviously, it will not be possible to play directly together (Which is a bit of a shame).

To conclude :

The game is still beautiful. And offers new situations. A console mario oled, red is announced for 06/10/2023. It will hide lots of small hidden drawings. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments if, like me, this Mario makes you impatient or if, on the contrary, you are a little fed up with the plumber and his gang. Anyway, I’ll give you an appointment on October 20, 2023 for the release of the gamea review will arrive a few days later on Campustech.

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