A few days after exceeding 40 million downloads, Nintendo has just registered a new brand for Super Mario Run, with 50 million “copies” sold for its smartphone game. THE runner delights its manufacturer, despite criticism aimed at its unusual economic model for these popular platforms.

To celebrate this record, the manufacturer announced on Twitter that 10 Toad tickets will be distributed free to players. These allow you to participate in challenges and, in case of victory, to expand your kingdom. If the success of the game is undeniable (historic for the Apple Store, even), the fact remains that it is starting to decline in certain countries, including France, Germany or the United States, where it is not more ranked among the most profitable apps.

Super Mario Run is in fact downloadable for free, then it is necessary to pay 10 euros to access the majority of the levels. A policy that contrasts with the model freemium adopted by a large part of the video game landscape on smartphones, where the entire experience is available in exchange for advertising inserts and micro-transactions to be able to progress properly. Nintendo doesn’t (yet?) eat that bread, thank goodness.

#SuperMarioRun has been downloaded 50 million times worldwide! To thank the players, we are giving them 10 challenge tickets! pic.twitter.com/aqaijowQBe

— Nintendo France (@NintendoFrance) December 23, 2016

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