Idea Factory International unveiled the opening film of the Otome visual novel kiss of sympathy in a new trailer. The new visual novel is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2024 and will be sold physically and digitally at participating retailers and the IFI online store.

kiss of sympathy is a new story that comes from pretend lover director Hiroe Aoki and illustrator Fujirito. Akari Amasawa starts a new job as an Estario mobile app designer, but she’s not passionate enough to work and fulfill her dreams. A whole year passes and Estario is lagging behind other competing apps. Akari and her coworkers must give their all to keep the app from shutting down, and she’ll eventually find true love in the process.

kiss of sympathy Opening film and pre-orders

The new trailer for kiss of sympathy reveals the opening movie that players will see after purchasing and starting the new visual novel. A standard edition of kiss of sympathy is available for pre-order now for $49.99 from the IFI online store and participating retailers. Additionally, a limited edition will be sold exclusively through the IFI online store at a later date.

Watch the new trailer for the opening movie below.

Finally, here’s an overview of the important features of the visual novel, via Idea Factory International:

  • #POV: You are a modern-day office worker in Japan – Explore your career opportunities and work with up to six love interests. See through the eyes of a Japanese careerist and experience full immersion in a contemporary work environment where fantasy can be found in the break room.
  • Call or text if you need me! – Increase productivity or join in on friendly office banter by maintaining contact with romantic characters using the RiNG system. Respond to text messages and answer all-voice calls from your favorite love interests.
  • Wear your emotions on your sleeve – Some decisions require you to express how you feel through the Emotion Select system. Choose from two emotions out of a total of five: Happy, Angry, Troubled, Sad, and Indifferent. The emotions you have selected can influence future conversations. Your love interests will always remember to consider your emotions.
  • A happy worker is a productive worker! – Use the Love/Work system when making decisions to balance your professional and social life. Increase your work points or your love points with each decision by choosing whether you will prioritize your career or your romance. This will influence the outcome of your route and the ending.

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