Since this Sunday’s teaser, the web has been on fire. This simple logo of Rockstar in the colors of the franchise Red Dead has accumulated no less than 240,000 likes and retweets on all social networks in just 5 hours. It’s a fact, the wait is there! And if some feared a huge troll, things are becoming more and more concrete.

In fact, an Internet user discovered that Take-Two today registered the domain name Red Dead Online, suggesting that the franchise will at least have the right to a vast multiplayer mode like Grand Theft Auto V. Concern, however, is growing among certain players who fear that the next Red Dead will only be an online title. The publisher had already registered the domain name in 2015 without it being used.

However, according to the latest rumor, we shouldn’t have to wait very long to find out what all the fuss is about. Indeed Hugh Langleya former journalist for the site SamaGame announced on his Twitter account that Rockstar would lift the veil on these teasers via a trailer this Thursday.

Am told the Red Dead 2 trailer is scheduled for Thursday, though tbh wouldn’t surprise me if R* decides to fire earlier

— Hugh Langley (@HughLangley) October 17, 2016

So, hyped or not?

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