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The defendant, aged 28, was sentenced to ten months in prison, four of which were closed under an electronic bracelet. He never stopped minimizing the violence and death threats.

“This case can be summed up in a few words: influence, domestic violence, bad image of women, fear of children …”, hammered the public prosecutor Bruno Sauvage, looking at the father of Labastide-Saint-Pierre, judged in immediate appearance. , Monday, September 4, by the Montauban judicial court, for habitual violence and death threats against his wife, as well as for violence against his 4-year-old little boy.
Despite his minimization of the facts, some denials too, the 28-year-old defendant was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, including 4 months that he will execute under an electronic bracelet and 6 months of probation. At the end of the hearing, the man returned to prison for a few days, the time to set up the device. The prosecution had requested 10 months in prison, including four months suspended, with an arrest warrant, without claiming an electronic bracelet. The prosecutor had also requested the withdrawal of the exercise of parental authority for five years which was not retained in the sentence.

Violence and humiliation for several years

The eldest of the two children, aged 4, had testified during the proceedings to the climate of violence in which the family lived. Describing in passing a mother who could not do what she wanted and who often cried. “I blame myself for having waited so long before filing a complaint. I did it the day he raised his hand on my kids. I understood that day that the violence would never stop, even with our divorce”, indicated the mother at the helm, while specifying that she “wished no harm” to her husband, “I just want be protected”. , to regain my serenity. »
For several years, the father of the family had subjected his wife to violence and humiliation. The couple met in 2013, before getting married in 2017.
On August 12, exasperated, the mother ended up filing a complaint. The day before, after returning from a trip to Morocco, he had again threatened her with death. Examples reported in court: “I’m going to bury you alive in the garden”; “I’m going to shoot you in the leg, you’ll never get over it”; “Revenge is a dish best served frozen…”
“I find him disturbing, cold, detached, even today at the hearing. I now understand better why my client waited all these years before having this click to file a complaint, ”pleaded the victim’s lawyer, Me Axelle Vinas.

He recognizes a slap and regrets it

For his part, Me Christian Etelin, the defense lawyer, contacted two days before the hearing by the defendant’s mother who lives in the Paris region, castigated the investigation, incomplete in his eyes, considering that no proof of guilt was reported: “Do we judge on vague impressions? Justice is not a matter of beliefs. You need proof before you can convict someone. “The Toulouse lawyer then rejected the image” of a bad father, capable of killing his son. Besides, children don’t look like martyrs in any way. children. The medical certificates attest that the children are well. My client recognizes a single slap, which he regrets. »

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