Team Ninja on a new game “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”


Team Ninja on a new game “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”

Koei-Tecmo announced the production of a new “action game” based on the franchise Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The information was revealed during an anniversary livestream broadcast this Tuesday morning to celebrate the birthday of the creator of Koei and boss of the company, Kou Shibusawa (Yoichi Erikawa of his real name). The latter will also supervise this brand new project published by the Japanese company.

The new title has been entrusted to Team Ninja (Nioh 2) and will therefore be based on a strong license in China, since the series started in 1985 has 14 main episodesand is itself inspired by the historical writings of the country which tell of the end of the Han dynasty in 220 and the beginning of the Three Kingdoms (Wei, Wu and Shu).

Koei knows this basic soil particularly well, being the historic producer of the grand strategy series, but also of the spin-off franchise. Dynasty Warriors. Be patient: we will not know more before 2022.

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