Teenager fatally stabbed in Valenton: what we know

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Teenager fatally stabbed in Valenton: what we know

A meeting that turns into drama. A teenager died this Friday, December 8 after receiving a fatal stabbing in Valenton (Val-de-Marne). The possibility of a new gang war has for the moment been ruled out. The victim went to a meeting to conclude the sale of a jogging suitproduced via the Vinted platform.

The night, a teenager was taken into custody. This other minor threatened, in the middle of the night, to jump out of the window of his apartment, located on the 3rd floor. The young man, known to investigators for thefts, revealed that he had made a “ big stupidity“, underlines a police source at RTL. His mother called on the 17th. In police custody, son admitted to stabbingresponsible for the death of a teenager near Valenton.

It was after 8 p.m. when this 16-year-old young man went to this famous meeting, concluded on Vinted. He is accompanied by two other individuals. He comes to sell designer jogging pants. On the spot, six men, dressed in balaclavas, wait for the small group.

A fight then breaks out. Stabbed in the thigh, the teenager died despite the intervention of emergency services. His cousin, also present, was also hit in the thigh. But his days are not in danger. The investigation continues to find the other young people who were present at this meeting.

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