Tens of thousands of climate protesters, led by children and teenagers, demonstrated in Berlin and across Germany on Friday to demand more action from Olaf Scholz’s government to achieve climate goals.

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This 13th “global climate strike”, organized by the “Fridays for Future” movement led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, had the slogan “the end of fossil fuels”.

Some 250 protests have been announced across the country.

In Berlin, around 12,000 people, police told AFP, gathered at midday in front of the Brandenburg Gate before marching through the city center.


There were some 8,500 in Munich (south) and at least 10,000 in Hamburg (north), according to the police cited by local media.

“The clock is ticking”, “no planet B”, “profits today, the end of the world tomorrow”… Under the sun and in a good-natured atmosphere, the demonstrators in Berlin deployed dozens of worried slogans, brandished one a few meters from the offices of Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Tens of thousands of climate protesters in Germany


“Olaf, your lies kill,” could be read on the sign carried by a young woman. His friend Paul Günther, 19, wanted to denounce “the dishonesty of our chancellor in the face of the climate crisis”, he told AFP.

“A council of experts calculated that the government’s objectives were too weak and that it could not even achieve them with what it was doing,” assured this geography student.

Tens of thousands of climate protesters in Germany


Saying he is close to the civil disobedience movement Letzte Generation (Last Generation), the young man plans to “block the streets” of Berlin on Monday. “We clearly need more pressure to get the government to act,” he said.

The government “is not doing enough” to “achieve its climate objectives”, added Birgit Martens, a 65-year-old retiree from Berlin who is asking the center-left coalition, of which the Green party is a part, to “put implement the necessary measures. what she really promised”, particularly “in the field of transport”.

The German government has ambitious climate targets, but activists doubt its ability to deliver on its commitments, including covering 80% of the country’s electricity needs through renewable energy by 2030.


Tens of thousands of climate protesters in Germany

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