Since October 7 and the Hamas attacks against Israel, anti-Semitic acts have increased in France. A situation which plunges French people of Jewish faith into deep fear, including among students.

“I don’t hang out alone at university anymore. » This is the sad observation made by Thomas (pseudonym), a Frenchman of Jewish faith studying at the University of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). Indeed, since October 7, the date of the Hamas attacks against Israel, the young man says he fears for his safety, including in the establishment where he is supposed to study.

“I don’t feel absolutely safe, I wasn’t safe before, I’m even less safe now,” he admitted to CNEWS. From now on, Thomas is forced to only go “to places where there are people, like the library”, or to stay “with friends” in whom he has “total trust”.

As a reminder, the University of Nanterre had already been singled out following the discovery of anti-Semitic tags. The facts date back to April 2022, when inscriptions “Hitler you are the best”, a Star of David inscribed under the word “media”, or even references to the gas chambers, were found on the walls of the Faculty.

An insecurity shared by Gil Taëb, vice-president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif). “French people of Jewish origin are asking themselves the question of whether they still have their place in this country,” he declared on CNEWS.

Since October 7, at least 1,518 anti-Semitic acts have been recorded in France, according to the latest figures given by the Ministry of the Interior. Acts that the State takes very seriously.

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